refused entry what now ?

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Hi guys,

I have just recieved a rejection letter saying that i have been refused due to mental health problems i.e deppression over a seven year period and a personality dissorder with elements of violence.

The thing is i have never sufferd from any of these problems so im not quite sure where that came from.

Does anybody have any ideas as to what i can do to rectify this is there a appeal procedure ?

many thanks.


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If as you say you have never had those problems I suppose a letter from your GP confirming what you said then back down to the Recruiting Office for more guidance.

Good luck anyway
Thanks for that. :D

I think i will pop to the doctors now and try and get a letter to that effect and do as you say pop it down the recruitment office and see what can be done.


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Sounds like they've mixed up your records with someone else.

If I were you I might be tempted to pop to the recruitment office first then to the doctors. You can get the staff at the office to make a few enquiries and see exactly what you need to get off the doctor, that way you may save a couple of trips and bit of a wait.


Hope it gets all sorted, good advice on checking with the recruiter first to see what you will need from the docs though cos doctors seem to have different ideas of what the army need for your medical info than the army do.
Advice as stands. If it's a genuine mistake, then you shouldn't have anything to worry about. Do as has been suggested, find out what they need, go get it and wait out.


Make sure you check what your GP sent to recuritment. It maybe the GP surgery that made the mistake and sent the wrong records. You have a right to view your medical records and see what the GP sent.


biffins-bridge said:
Sounds like they've mixed up your records with someone else.

Alternatively he could be a Schizophrenic and his nice Sniper jim side has no idea about all the nasty mental violent stuff his other personalities get up to.
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