Refused entry into the Army as a Registered Nurse

Discussion in 'Army Professionally Qualified Recruitment' started by Rakatar, Jun 4, 2011.

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  1. hey

    Thought I would post this here to get some advice, I'm a staff nurse (3 years qualified) and recently applied for nursing position with the TA. I attended my medical today, got the usual height, weight, bp, urine dip etc done and then met the Doctor on site....

    I have a history of depression/self Harm as a teenager (I'm now 25) and have been COMPLETELY symtom free for nearly 9 years.

    Basically the Doctor refused to pass me on my medical on my mental health history, even though I have a great record, no adsense at work, 3 years student nurse and 3 years staff nurse experience.

    He consulted the Armed forces Policies which has a few few short, vague paragraphs on depression self harm history when recruiting. It said things like, more than 'one episode of self harm' will stop a recruit being successful into the army and depression 'lasting longer than 12 weeks' will instantly defer a recuit......

    But then they go on to say if the recruit is symptom free for 3 years they may be considered.

    I had ONE episode of depression and what I would consider as ONE episode of self harm which lasted a couple of months, depression treated over 18 months

    Is there any way around this? He basically said I could NEVER apply due to my history.

    Does anyone know who I could speak to about this?

    Cleared the Army should assess recruits on an individual basis as these policies are clearly very vague.

    This Doctor said he couldnt let me through as his decision would be scrutinised by his superiors due to he content surrounding these issues in their policies.

    Any advice would be appreciated or past experiences? I am HUGELY disappointed as was so keen to nurse in the TA
  2. Why not Appeal?
  3. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    You need to go back to whoever is dealing with your recruitment and tell them that you are not happy with the result and ask what you need to do to appeal the decision.
  4. Mood (Affective) Disorders (F30-F39)
    3.14.15. Disorders of mood, especially depression are not confined to this category
    as diagnoses may also be classified in the anxiety and stress related disorder
    categories11. In respect of recruit selection the crucial question is whether stressors
    have caused the depression or not. If not, then candidates should be graded S8

    because there is a normally a serious endogenous vulnerability. If the depression is
    closely related to, or clearly caused by stressors then the severity, length of the
    illness and likelihood of relapse are the crucial determinants.
    3.14.16. Categories in which candidates should normally be graded S8 include any
    form of manic disorder (F30), any form of bipolar disorder (F31) and all severe or
    recurring or persistent depressive disorders (F32.2, F32.3, F33 and F34).
    Candidates with a diagnosis of mild or moderate depressive episodes (F32.0 and
    F32.1) with good evidence of preceding stressors may normally be graded S2
    provided that the condition resolved within 12 weeks and at least 2 years has
    elapsed since the candidate was completely well and off all medication12. Two
    episodes require a deferral of 4 years. A history of 3 episodes or more, even with
    clear stressors, indicates excessive vulnerability and these candidates should be
    graded S8.

    Doesnt sound vague really to me
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Try the cadet forces as an adult volunteer.

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  6. As Booti says all you can do is get evidence together from your GP/Specialists and a letter from yourself and appeal through the correct the SMO. You have to remember the type of work you are going into, the stress that it can lead to etc....theres no point speculating about it all I know is they scrutinise each applicant individually and have to follow the rules.Im not a Doctor or medical staff but seen this with lots of applicants so all i can say is appeal with as much info as possible and letters from those who can support your application in the medical world.
  7. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    keep at it as they have been screaming out for nurses for years, if you are better then fight to prove it.

    TA medicals are very vague and vary. I cant remember the details but there is a field hospital based in york which is a paper one so only meets a few times a year for training, they may be more helpfull as its where you would be sent for training anyway.
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  8. Not now a days...The TA medical is on par with the Regular medical now and soon all TA soldiers will be hopefully doing a mirror image selection at the ADSC's.
  9. 34 Fd Hospital is the regular Fd Hosp in York, AMSTC is round the corner at Towthorpe which deals with TA and regular training/Hospex.
  10. Rakatar,

    The policy is fairly clear on this issue. If it has truly only been a single episode of depression and separate self harm; and has completely resolved and more than four years have passed, then appeal. However, you will more than likely be referred to a uniformed Consultant Psychiatrist for a formal opinion on suitability for service.

    Service in HM Forces, particularly in the current climate, is extremely stressful and we would need to be sure that you are not likely to relapse.

    Good luck.
  11. i have been refused on medical grounds on musculoskeletal which they class has tennis elbow mt elbow doesnt effect me in any way or form what so ever and also asthma which i only had a couple of time for bad chest infection but classed as asthma really gutted at the minute but going to appeal anyone give me any advise on what to put in cover letter after i have seen my doctor thanks
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  12. Yes, put in it whatever the doctor says, after you have shown him the relevant paras for which you were refused.
  13. I was refused entry to a registered nurse once
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  14. No.4 Mk.1

    No.4 Mk.1 On ROPs

    If you can cope with that and have good references i'd of thought you'd be good for the armed forces*.

    Get as many good professional references together as you can, appeal politely and persevere (they respect that)*.

    *Maybe, i don't know anything, other than the TA like nurses.
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  15. Yes, character references is the way. Or maybe not, you nugget!
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