Refused enlistment because of a varucca?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Rackcatchplunger, Oct 11, 2007.

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  1. Got this female temp started at my place this week. She is one Fcuking knowall. Been there done that. Been in loads of jobs.(She says).
    I made the comment- "you have certainly had loads of jobs haven't you"
    She retorts well I am 32 and if the Army hadn't refused me I would have only had one job!
    So what did they knock you back for? For having a varucca (I think that's how you spell it).

    Anybody confirm that this is correct? You can get refused entry for a varucca?
    I find that hard to believe. After all it's not something that can't be fixed.
  2. Being a Know it all may have made them look for an alternative reason to reject her i.e. Being a Dirty Girl with a varucca.
  3. Knock her out and inspect her plates
  4. The bitch is a WAH and needs sorting! Gaffer tape and blow torch at the ready, now where's that entrentching tool.......
  5. "I should take it with a pinch of salt!"
    As Willy Wonka said!
  6. You don't state where the know it all gobhsite's verucca was situated? Had it been on her kebab she might have been deemed not of the correct calibre.
  7. A plantar wart
    (verruca pedis, VP; also commonly called a verruca) is a wart caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). It is a small lesion that appears on the sole of the foot (hence the name, from Latin planta pedis, the sole of the foot) and typically resembles a cauliflower.
    A plantar wart may have small black specks within it that ooze blood when the surface is shaved; these are abnormal capillaries. Though the name plantar wart describes specifically HPV infection on the sole of the foot, infection by the virus is possible anywhere on the body and common especially on the palm of the hand, where the appearance of the wart is often exactly as described above for plantar warts.
    Because of pressure on the sole of the foot, a layer of hard skin forms over the wart. A plantar wart may or may not be painful.

    It can be spread in communal showers, around swimming pools, by sharing shoes, etc.

    No treatment in common use is 100% effective. The most comprehensive medical review[1] found that no treatment method was more than 73% effective and using a placebo had a 27% average success rate.

    so it kind of makes since why she would be refused
  8. I can confirm that is not how you spell "verruca".

    I also agree that a verruca is probably not grounds to refuse enlistment; I equally would believe that some so dismissed would wish it to be so.

  9. you miss the part where i said it treatment wasnt 100% effective?..

    think chicken poxs with no cure...

    you either enlist or commission her, wat be her case and let her infect her whole barracks and then have to spend your hard tax money (treating everyone)which could have been avoided, BY NOT LETTING HER JOIN!!
  10. Couldn't the scabby thing tried to come back and apply at a later date when she isn't infested? Doesn't make sense.. I don't think she was devoted, or knew what she wanted to do.
  11. I approached the quack about my verruca about three months ago after a plethora of over the counter treatments had failed to shift the fecker over about twelve months.

    He advised me that treatments are generally not hugely successful without clinical intervention. As mine wasn't causing any issues he suggested leaving it alone.

    Apparently as the soles of the feet have very thick skin the blood supply is quite weak, so the bodys' immune system doesn't register the invader. That's why so many of the 'cures' rely on shaving / freezing / burning skin away to improve circulation.

    The quack did say that over time, they will clear up naturaly due to the body spotting them and doing its' thing.

    Didn't stop me enlisting, by the way so it sounds like a bit of a biff.
  12. to me, it sounds as if the lift doesnt travel to the top floor very often

    dirty little how now - she could always join the NAAFI, they cry out for dirty girls (and never in short supply either!)
  13. Athena,

    May I suggest that you have no real idea about the Army medical system? If you can convince me otherwise I might take your opinions seriously!

  14. ok i have no real knowledge of the army medical system other then wat i read and wat makes common sense....:)
  15. In which case, please don't give medical opinions on something about which you know nothing eg. the Army admission policy with reference to verrucae.