Refused Car Insurance because I`m a Soldier!

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by The_Kurgen, Sep 17, 2008.

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  1. Poor Mrs Kurgen suffered an accident meaning she cant drive. I have come home for a few weeks from overseas to act as nursemaid/chauffeur/butler etc until she is back on her feet and a bit more mobile.
    To this end I have just contacted her insurance brokers to get myself put on her insurance to drive her car., (Sold mine, no point keeping it if I`m not here obviously).
    Imagine my surprise when I was informed that Mrs K`s current underwriters would not even entertain me going on her insurance because I am in the Army???????
    Is this blatent discrimination or what?
    Having seen what favourable treatment the spams and Canucks meet out to members of their forces, I am slightly fcuking furious to be treated like this.
    Policy has been cancelled forthwith with snotogram sent to company telling them my feelings about this issue
    Anyone else encountered this type of problem.

    PS To name and shame, the company is HSBC Insurance, as in the Bank
  2. Sorry to hear about Mrs Kurgen! Speedy recovery and all that.

    Soldiers have always had to pay higher car insurance than other professions, because we're most likely to do something stupid like drink and drive, play parade square jousting etc in them. This is life. Lie and say you're something else.

    RMP - police man
    REME - engineer/mechanic

    You get my drift.
  3. Point taken Smudge, but I`m still a tiny bit furious at what smacks of blatent discrimination.
    Surely, given the amount of time we are never in the UK therefore not doing any of the fun things you mentioned, we are a lower risk group?
  4. If only that were the case! Have you considered putting yourself as a named driver? Or is that what you've done?
  5. Thats what I was trying to do.
    However, HSBC just say no, they will not insure a soldier, endex!
  6. Well in that case fcuk 'em. Go for someone like Adrian Flux, they're cheap.
  7. My sentiments entirely, snotogram away and their head honcho can slide a wafer thin piece of red hot metal down his japs eye before they get any more of my money.
  8. The reality whether we like it or not is that insurance companies and particularly car insurance companies are much more than ever targeting, or in this case 'untargeting' certain parts of the market for both risk management and commercial reasons.

    Having just changed both my car and house insurance and saved a fair bit into the bargain by doing so I found that I failed to fit into several car and house insurance profiles. now to many I am a good risk, work in a factory in a supervisory role, I don't even drive to work, but my house which is a hundred feet above sea level on a hillside and a mile away from the nearest stream is deemed to be a flood risk.

    I am sure you will find cheaper any way you almostr always do.

    Having said that in the light of the hotel saga recently why not get in touch with the scum.
  9. thats becuase during recent surveys, compared to last years two times more likely, soldiers are FOUR times more likely to crash a car, add that to the recent credit crunches and closing of banks and airports ect.... some civilian insurances feel that insuring sqaudies puts them out of pocket an therfore we are more of an 'outgoing' than an income.
  10. So, how about all of HM Forces jack it in tonight, because they can't get Insurance, where the fruck would the country be then? You should write to the Sun and your local M.P. Or lets all lay down and get our back doors done in over this one.

    Boils my piss.

    Only in England.

    What tyre pressure does this Outrage bus need, inserts 20 p into air hose.

  11. I forgot to add, what if you worked for Lehman brothers and went out on the piss last night in your motor, would you be more of a risk, since your bad news.

    Could be worse you could drive your car to a Hotel FFS.

  12. Also, most troops are away for considerable time at the moment!

    Shutting up now.
  13. Hope the old dear hets well soon bud,
    I dunno what they would do bout it but ever thought of givin this info to the sun? they may well print something... after all they love bein on the bandwagon..
    you know i have a shitty car insurance problem too at the moment, last year some silly young girl drove on a round about and used the whole outer ring to drive a full circle and as i was exiting the ringroad she hit me in the side and then bloodywell blamed me. The insurance said it was 50/50 and that this is normal for round about accidents, and because I was only 3rd party I wasnt entitled to contest anything so as a result I lost my no claims and now im paying nearly a grand for an old banger when i was only paying 150 quid last year.
    They are b@stards, I'm stuck now cos even if i change my insurer they will send on my details as 0 no claims.Wish I could get some advice on this, and if i get the chance when im off work if ever, I will talk to the CAB but these tw@ts shouldnt be alowed to do this. Sorry for the slight hijack there just angry.What they are doing to you is out of order regardless of the norm.
  14. Being outraged is no excus for poor manners(On my part)
    Many thanks for all the good wishes for Mrs K`s speedy recovery
  15. Basically based on huge computer models inputting all the variables, such as location, age, type of vehicle etc they analysed at length and came up with the following.

    squaddies drive like *********, take more risks and consequently crash much more frequently than "other" road users apart from male under 21's, who you'll probably find out they dont insure either, basically they can pick and choose, we all need it to drive, and certain companies aim their product at certain types of driver.

    All insurance cover is based on risk, it's nothing to do with the job.

    I always struggled to get insured, and when I took my motor to the province it was so expensive as to render it undriveable.

    So, you'll unfortunately have to shop about a bit there's 101 different search and comparison websites now, but DONT lie they'll find out, and you wont be covered when you need it, and believe me, they are looking for ways to reject your claim so don't give them the ammo.

    I used to f ucking adore telling young chav that as he hadnt declared his baked bean tin exhaust, carlos fandango super wide wheels and rip speed side skirts he wasn't insured so we wouldn't be repairing his Nova... but then I am a c-unt. :)