Refused an interview with the CO

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by prestonian, May 18, 2010.

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  1. I currently have a grievance with the OC, not work related, and after having submitted an interview form 14 months ago I have just discovered that the OC has given the instruction that I should not be granted an interview with the CO! can this happen? BTW, the reason for my request for interview has nothing to do with my grievance with the OC
  2. Did you go through the COC EG, Platoon commander etc.... If you went straight to the CO thats possibly why it was rejected.

    Did you send a covering letter to the CO explaining the request for interview?
  3. ask your PSAO :soldier:
  4. Ring the CO at home. The clerk should have his number.
  5. I didnt think of that, Failing that just nip round, take the Rich Tea biscuits for a brew
  6. They are not taking you serious. Go over the CO's head up the Chain.

    GOC will prob listen to you.
  7. Try the Queen if that fails, Ring Buck house Ask for Liz, Tell them you know me and they will put you through
  8. It must be urgent if it has taken you 14 months to get to grips with this...
  9. 14 months in TA time is like a fortnight in the real Army...

    Bet you would have mentioned the grievance at some point!