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Those of you who know me in r/l will appreciate that my job involves travelling around a lot, including frequent but short trips out to Afghanistan over the last couple of years. On the day that John Reid makes the announcement to send 3300 more squaddies out there, imagine my disgust to get the following letter, concerning a mortgage I am about to take out with a certain company:

Dear Mr & Mrs (Slightly Nasty),
I regret to inform you that after careful consideration of the evidence available, I am unable to offer (Slightly Nasty) life cover. This is due to the disclosed tours to Afghanistan.

At least they were honest about it, I suppose. Sadly, the house purchase is at such an advanced stage that it's probably too late to change companies......
Is you mortgage company requiring you to take out life cover with them? i remember reading something about that being illegal, but i'm prepared to be shot down.

If you have life cover already, from PAX for instance at a high level, wouldnt that satisfy the mortgage provider?
No, we don't have to take it out with them, I believe that would be illegal too. It was just competitively priced and more convenient.
Methinks it's time to shop around.

Please staff your problem up the G1 CoC. Issues like this need to be aired and pressure applied to stop it happening. Also it will be publisised and the rest of the Army need to know which companies take action like this and they will lose business.


Can you name the company so that everyone can avoid them? Hit them in the pocket. It's the only language these c*nts understand.
John Reid and Adam Ingram have recently been making much of the avenues available to soldiers to 'express their concerns' so don't forget to copy the letter to both of them so they can see how quickly the situation is resolved for you.

Biscuits is right - name and shame the company.
The company in this particular case was Nationwide Life Limited, who are part of the Nationwide Building Society. But let's be fair to them, at least they were scrupulously honest about their reasons why.
A couple of years ago, I attempted to take a car loan out with Abbey, and was turned down. When I asked which credit reference company they had used, their telephone sales girl admitted outright that it had nothing to do with that, it was simply because their procedures couldn't handle BFPO numbers. When I complained to Abbey and asked them to confirm this, they got all snotty and took the line that they never release details of why they refuse applicants.
A letter will be sent up the G1 chain, as you suggest.
That's interesting reference getting credit for a BFPO address. ISTR a recent thread in which somebody with all the experience gained on a 6 month operational tour was extremely dismissive of such a problem actually existing.
Having just spoken to a financial advisor from Abacus on exactly this subject I learned the following:

1. NO "High Street" insurance company will touch you for life cover when you have been WARNED OFF for a deployment, other than the high risk/high cost policies that the Civvy Security/EOD firms use in Iraq etc..

2. It is not a legal requirement to have life cover in place for a mortgage although a lot of Banks/BS's will try and pressure you into purchasing their policies.

But obviously you need that peace of mind if your going to Afghan.


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Sorry this is a bit vague but here goes

When we went on Telic 4 we were offered life insurance at Chillwell
It was a company espesalliy brought in by the army to cover soliders going to Iraq and Afghanistan
The company was called Trinity insurance but apart from that I can't remember much else
However it was sold to us by the army as the best deal we would get and it was specifcally tailored for the HM forces

Don't get caught out by civvie firms loading big premiums on to policies I believe this issue was adressed during or after OP Granby due to many service personell having policies cancelled automatically by the companies
Hopes this helps you
The Trinity policy can be seen here.

In my view the cover isn't fantastic, though it may well be all that's available. For example, if you are injured and have to leave HM Forces as a direct result, they'll pay out £8,000 - unless you are a reservist or TA, when you'll get £800.

Permanent total disablement (loss of both legs, total paralysis and so on), is worth £80,000 - not a lot for the rest of your life.

This is clearly something that any future federation will need to look at.

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