Refusal of REN leave for a parade?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by jim1556, Dec 5, 2008.

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  1. Hi all...

    Any great minds out there know if its possible (and legal) to refuse REN leave for any reason other than Operational?

    My boss says he can refuse it but once its agreed it can't be cancelled.

    We've got a big parade on return from Op Telic and I've got plans - if I apply for REN leave over this period, can they refuse it?

    If anyone knows the answer either way, I'd be greatly appreciated if they could supply me with the reference or JSP as I'd need it in black n white.

    Many thanks.
  2. Yes
    Half true
    JSP 760

  3. I am fairly certain, though I could be wrong, you would need to look at the REN-LEAVE more indepth. Whilst only CO can grant it, you need to look at what grounds he can refuse it, which like I say, I'm almost certain, is operational reasons only.
  4. Either way put it in, that way if you run out of time you can then pull the refusal out and say "I tried to take it and you fcuked me off", might let them carry it over a bit longer maybe.

    If it is one thing I have really started learning, is paper trails. If it isn´t on paper it isn´t worth sh1t, which is a bit of downward spiral if you ask me.

    jim, speak to your boss, what you are implying your intentions are is a bit.... sneaky, possibley bordering on a cnuts trick.

    Ask your boss if you can take leave, what are your plans, is there anyway you can fit the leave around the parade?, how long have you got to take your ren leave, how much ILA have you got, how much POTL?

    If you are refused, ask your boss to put it on paper, or tell him you will submit the leave so he can refuse it officially. Not to make him look a cnut, and I think if he is a good boss he will understand, but so you have a record. ie if it looks like you are going to lose out on ren leave, you can say I tried to take it here, here and here, but was refused.

    Otherwise, like I said, you come to the buffers on your three year window and you lose out.
  5. "Subject to operational requirements and the general exigencies of the Service"

    And we all know what that means.

    Chocolate Frog's advice is good, though.
  6. Cheers for your replies guys - It is appreciated! :D

    Its not me tryin to be a cnut, just after 4 n a half months in Iraq with no R&R, the last thing I wanna do is attend a medals parade in the middle of POTL with
    HRH Prince Charles...

    Ah well, I'll work around it n enjoy my time off - I suppose from what's been said on here I should be grateful we're gettin time off
    (15 days POTL and 5 days extra cos of no R&R).

    Once again, thanks everyone.