Refurbishing Old Sam Browne

I recently obtained a pre WWII Sam Browne and it needs a bit of work to get it up to standard.

Generally in good condition and very well made, but the leather is very dry.

I thought it best to apply a few coats of leather dressing over a few weeks and then set to with bulling it.

Any serious tips/advice?
You want to wear a pre-ww2 Sam Browne?

What on earth for? Better off keeping it as a collectors item and probably sacrilage to bull up anyway.

Buy a current issue one, far easier to bull up, and get the REME armourers to modify the buckle with a clip so it doesn't need unfastening. Yes, I am serious.

I have a 5th generation Sam Browne which is still going strong. When I got it it had lain neglected for the best part of 15 years, I had it re-burnt down and bulled, and its good as new... I don't think it does take any more effort than a brand new one to maintain, and I find it rather nice to be wearing a part of history!

As to the original question of how to sort it out, I'm afraid I couldn't help... I passed the job of bulling it onto someone that would manage it without setting the thing on fire!



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I've got an old Great War Sam Browne - I got it on e-bay with my Sword. I would wear it, but unfortunately they made smaller officers in them days - or its shrunk. Its a pity becasue its in very good nick.

If the QA's ever get around to joining the rest of the army and thier lady officers start wearing sam Brownes then Mrs sknn will be wearing it.
If you want to ruin the leather of an old Sam Browne, bull it.

I've seen many vintage sam brownes, and none that were 'bulled', only highly polished.
The leather of the old ones is usually of a higher quality.

If it's gone dry, use a leather oil or one of the newer leather treatment products, but nothing with lacquer etc in it.

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