Refurbished Apple iphone - recommendations


kids are more likely to lose/drop a phone so why fork out loads, just get a chinese smart phone and let then get on with it (probably made in the same factory anyway), try gearbest
Thank you, at least you didn't post a pink one.

Yeah, similar to that, but slimline. I'm amazed it has worked so well TBH, but it seems to be reasonably bombproof.

I had a 5c then a 6 in the type I posted.

Moved back to cheapo androids & you can't get the metal super tough casees...
I use that type. Due to my injuries/buggered-ness I drop my phones daily, often onto concrete or tarmac.
Added bonus of cowsh#t baths to boot...
Bought a Chinky Ulefone (cos of the ip68/69 spec) ....
I can even steam clean it.

No case just an bloody indestructible phone..
The kids are brainwashed by the Apple bumf, I say "aye, but can you do this" and chuck it as far as I can throw it.....

Listening to Test Match Special through my headphones, whilst I'd dropped the bloody thing into 6 ft of water in the lake was a tad surreal!
The kids had great fun diving for it, couldn't believe it still worked,( it never stopped) for 200 quid it's done the same amount of time as the previous 5 samsung phones put together.....
For anyone actually needing an indestructible phone I can't recommend it enough.
( Several old dodderers have bought em after my demo's)

Apologies for thread drift.
Oh dear, I wonder if you will now get slated for owning a Huawei phone hahahahaha.
You know how some people get about software ;)

Huawei! They're the phones that are spreading the Covid!*

@HCL is trying to kill us all*

* Probably not spreading Covid or trying kill us all.
I am looking to purchase a refurbished Apple iphone.

Christmas present for a teenager, wants the latest model, but my wallet is looking at a 6/7

Anyone have any recommendations and or sensible advice

Many thanks


In one short post, you demonstrate you have absolutely no idea about:

a. Mobile phones.

b. Teenagers.

c. The 21st century.
If your budget can stretch, and it really has to be an iPhone, maybe consider the XR?
Alternatively, go Android and wonder why you never did it earlier.

This is for teenagers, how are they supposed to show off to their friends with an Android
Some sound advice from Yahoo! answers.


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