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Discussion in 'DIY' started by Cow, Apr 7, 2011.

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  1. Cow

    Cow LE

    Right, after the last few days worth of heat and sun I examined the BBQ. Its been living in the shed and is kind of a grey/white colour from the mold on last years fat/grease. Any tips for cleaning it all off and if it is worth repainting? It's a 2 part grill, left is slats over volcanic rock. Right is a hot plate (flat bit of whatever over a burner). Tried scrubbing it but looks to be going through the coating to the metal.

    Would rather spend a few quid than loads replacing it or getting some kind of food poisoning.
  2. I set fire to mine (15 yr old Weber - Laarbruch NAAFI) to burn off any mold and then clean when cool.
    Not bad for 90 DMs.
  3. I binned my gas barbecue last year for just that reason, the fate just gets everywhere! I'm luckier than most as I have a friend who has a hot decoking bath which helps get rid of the built up grease and burnt on carbon. The trouble is that you still have to strip the thing right down and then reassemble it again 24hrs later.
    I have gone back to a charcoal barrel BBQ which I took out of the shed, dusted down and gave a light touching up with BBQ paint (5 minutes work) and it looks great. BBQ paint came from B&Q in aerosol form.
    Best of luck with it, I wont ever be going back to gas!
  4. Buy a can of "Oven Cleaner" - spray BBQ and leave for 20 minutes (do it outside the ammonia fumes are horrendous). Rinse said BBQ with hot water then leave to dry. After drying fire up BBQ - let it get red hot then sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda on the cooking area, next throw a litre of fizzy mineral water on the griddle plate and the slatted area bit by bit. Fizzy water lifts off any residue from the "Oven Cleaner" and burnt on fat - DO NOT stand too close are the water explodes in a huge cloud of hissing, spotting steam. Result one very clean and hygienic BBQ..

    Wear rubber gloves - the oven cleaner and skin are not good bed fellows - you end up with blistered hands if you are not careful. And keep children away whilst you do the job.

    Hope than helps.
  5. I actually do the same, good way to clean your bbq.
  6. I don't see the problem.

    I thought the joy of a good braai was to taste a bit of all the food you've cooked for the past decade?

  7. For all non siiiif africaaans, braai is a bbq, only better...
  8. While it's hot, give it a good once-over with the wire brush that comes with most sets of barbecue utensils to remove most of the debris. Prevention is better than cure too- so once you've finished cooking, but the grill is still warm, give it a brush down too.
  9. Wtf? You can come and clean my house any day. Too many steps involved for me to remember.