Heard a strong rumour today that an RAF married CPL has won a case to get a refund of his contributions because his neighbour who was single did not have to pay any. MOD have agreed and are refunding him. Looks like they are going to refund up to 6 years worth of contributions to all. Regs are now being rewritten so all will now pay contributions.
does this affect anyone ?
I wonder if that means I can get a refund on the extra food charges I had to pay when my MARRIED neighbour was only paying 5/7ths of what I was paying mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm !!! Probably not. :twisted:
Why don't you staff a case up the chain. I think the reason used in this case was one of equal oppertunities. The same rule should now apply.
If we are talking about RILOR for army personnel, there is not difference between married or single contributions. Both pay for the first 9 miles each way for travel between there own house and their Duty Station. This has been the case for a good few years now so I do not see any case being made. Check out Regulations for Army Allowances and Charges Chapter 4 Section 2 for the black and white details.
04.075. Personal Contribution. Service personnel in receipt of RPOD are required to pay a Personal Contribution, equating to 3 miles of travel, which entails a financial cost to them, in each direction. Where a combination of methods of travel is used, the highest of the appropriate contributions is to be paid. The following, however, are exempt such payment:

Service personnel occupying public single accommodation (PSA), including Agency Rented Single Accommodation, which is more than one mile from their place of work.

I know original post said was RILOR howerver I think the case was RPOD. The person was living in a MSQ next to a pad. The interpretation of 4.075a was that the MSQ was classified as PSA and therefore no contribution. This was the basis for the pads case.


You are right, the case was RPOD not RILOR. But as in all of these cases where there is financial discrimination (there was one a while back about entitlement to travel warrants for separated people to visit children) after the brief flurry of euphoria, everyone loses. RPOD contributions will cease in the short term, but they will be replaced by a something that doesn't discriminate. Result - the majority suffer to appease the minority.
Tried doing that through the G1 chain of a Bde that shall remain nameless a few years back WDwarrior, check out the reply !!!

'' Blah balh blah......due to the fact that married personnel are expected to go home every weekend''

So my smart answer was- '' What if I own my own home that I have to visit at the weekends''

The reply to that '' But YOUR home is the block/mess we provide for you, and it's Your decision to buy a house''

Gave up after that mate !!!
I had a similar thing when they said that unmarried parents could change their marital status to 2 and claim all married benefits. I had to put a case up. The reply came back what they really meant was unmarried mothers could claim MS 2. I don't think they could get away with that now. One of my points was that even though my son had lived with me in my own house since birth with me and his mother and grown up in a 'normal' family environment any unmarried mother would get the allowance no matter what her circumstance even if she didn't know who the father of her child was ! or who she lived with.
1. Defence Internal Brief (DIB) 2005/08 informed personnel that a Redress of Complaint had been upheld which challenged the fairness of charging Married Accompanied personnel a Personal Contribution (PC) when claiming Residence to Place Of Duty (RPOD) but exempting Married Unaccompanied and Single Personnel from this charge.

2. A further DIB will be released on 11 Mar 05 advising personnel of the decision to cease the collection of Residence to Place of Duty (RPOD) Personal Contributions (PC) from all personnel currently in receipt of RPOD (whether mileage or public transport season tickets). The effective date of the cessation is 31 Jan 05 (i.e. PCs are payable for 31 Jan but not for, or from, 1 Feb). Personnel who have paid RPOD PCs since 1 Feb 05 are to be reimbursed.

3. It is possible that this will be only a temporary cessation pending the reintroduction of PCs to all personnel travelling to their place of work from publicly-funded accommodation, but the policy has yet to be decided.
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