Refund for spectacles

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by ted69, Oct 9, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone let me know if there is a possibility of claiming back any dosh for glasses ?? I had my PULHEEMS the other week and all of a sudden I have to wear specks, I am asking ref the refund as I only need to use them whilst working (computer & forms etc AGC SPS). I am sure I have read some where that I could if I was using IT equipment but cant find anything anywhere, any help would be appreciated. :D
  2. If you'd completed an FMed79 (?) and put it into they system, they'd have issued you with glasses - and lenses for your respirator.
  3. I think you are thinking about "The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992"

    anyone useing VDU equipment are entitled to free eye tests and corrective lenses.

    But as putteesinmyhands says if you are serving glasses are provided free anyway, but maybe not the most fashionable!
  4. I always thought that an employer had to provide glasses for VDU users, but a careful look at the Regulations suggests that they don't:

    So, it appears that an employer only has to provide "special" glasses (magnifying screen?) if "normal" glasses don't work.
  5. I have recently had to get some giggs and managed to get £59ish back from my outlay of £110.

    You require a form that the optition fills out and you then chuck through the system to the budget holder etc.

    Speak to your medcen they'll have them.
  6. Cheers ref last post am always up for cash back
  7. This is something we are having a lot of at my place lately, we provided an eye test for one person, now everyone has jumped on the bandwagon.

    We get the interested party to fill in a VDU assessment form to work out if they qualify as a VDU User, if so we will refund the money for the test.

    We will only contribute towards the cost of glasses if they are specfic VDU glasses, not normal glasses, and no more than £50, this is just a figure we plucked out of the air.
  8. You need a MOD Form 1003 - DSE Eye Examination Report. If corrective lenses are required solely for working on PC then you are entitled to a £60 refund. Details from your local med centre.

  9. Where I work we get £20 for eye test and £50 towards glasses.