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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, May 28, 2005.

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  1. The BBC World Service TV has just had an item on the News on Refugges trapped between Iraq and Jordan. they where already refugees in Iraq and now have nowhere to go, Iraq s too dangerous and they are Palistinians so Jordan wouldn't want them.
    They start off showing one guy living in a hole and then move on to the majority living in tents.
    The reporter gets upset because there are really useful people here and quotes a Lawyer and a Dr. of Phylosophy.
    In the background you see one tent has a satalitte TV receiver and one old guy has just been turned down by Norway for refugee status and he has to have a police gaurd twice a week to take him for a kidney dialisis.
    We then the UN super trendy young lady saying these people will not be forgotten.
    I think that the above was two females getting pizzed in a hotel and one saying look I've got a problem and the other saying OK Dahling I'm short my Uman intrest story for the week so lets get to gether and solve each others problem.
  2. These people are use full.

    I do feel sorry for them putting hope on the UN, who if they are lucky may be able to supply them a Bangladeshi task force to help them. Next May!!!
  3. Send them to Palestine
  4. As fellow human beings, they require our tolerance, our sympathy and our urgent assistance. With any luck, there'll be someone equipped to help in the immediate vicinity. I'd like to think that somebody could offer humanitarian aid if I ever had my world destroyed in this way.
  5. Well said Frogperson.
    Now please be so kind to inform the memebership of your Humanitarian efforts this year. Or Last year or any other year.
    john looking forward to a long in depth post.