Reforms of parliamentary and party funds

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cuddles, Dec 23, 2006.

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  1. I have had two blisteringly good ideas recently, which in the season of giving and all that, I thought I would share.

    a)MPs' salaries
    MPs seem to think that their salaries should just go on rising, in line with other top people. I believe that an MP's salary should reflect their last pay packet before election. So if you are a plumber on 30k and you become an MP, then you get 30k. If you are a political researcher on 18k a year working in a party apparat, then you get 18k. To ensure no loss of free income, expenses would be generous actuals.

    In this way, no political professionals would choose professions in politics unless they were happy to earn what they would have in non-parliamentary life.

    b)Funding political parties
    It has been suggested that political parties should be fundfed by subventions from the public purse. This is completely undemocratic and enables partisans without support to continue to play silly party political games at public cost.

    Political parties would only be allowed to spend, by law, what they could raise. Loans would not be permitted. No public funds would be advanced to parties, which are frankly the caucus of like minded private individuals. If they can't raise enough money, then tango sierra!

    I humbly suggest that in this way we would stop gravy train hobos from riding the party trains (first class) into Westminster. Instead those with serious intentions to practise politics would participate. Those seeking to take a salary hike and qualify for a meaty pension would be knocked back too.

    There, glad that is off my chest. Incidentally, people who are involved in politics should not be allowed to consider how politics should be reformed. Committees should be formed a la jury service. That would ensure a far more practical approach. Especially if the meetings were held standing up privy council style-y and the biscuits were Nice and the tea pretty foul.
  2. I agree entirely with those sentiments! a) is something I've advocated for a while, especially as it's done elsewhere, albeit at a local level:

  3. I think political parties should be sponsored by the BBC Drama Budget - they spend so much time acting out BBC scripts it is probably best to let the licence fee pay for them.

    As for MPs I think they should get £100.000 pa. and pay for a Money Purchase Pension out of their salary and lose their second home perks such as nice gains on a property portfolio. Three MPs house sharing in London can fund a £1 million mortgage and then rent it out and buy another...................nice little earner
  4. now I'm a fecking Communist and what's more a spanish fecking communist! Well, no the Teruel!
  5. Not a bad idea, the first thing I'd do was to make the feckers work nine to 5. 3 out of four weeks in their constituency so they have to live in the place they pretend to represent.

    Career politicians- I sh*t em.
  6. Cuddles,
    Absolutely spot on. Unfortunatelymost of the current ,ob are (were) lawyers, but made less at that than being an MP. Shysters, to be exact.
    I, for one, would love to see 'ordinary people' as MPs but it ain't gonna happen.
    As an alternative, MPs should be disbarred unless they have had 15-20 yrs of a real job, and can prove it. Nothing gets my goat more than professional politicians. Absolutely no connection with reality - ever.- comes back to the first point really.

  7. With regard to MPs' salaries, I believe it is quite simple:

    Reduce the salary until there are 3 candidates for every vacancy (currently there are at least 20-30). That is how "they" run the Military and the Civil Service and so many candidates for each job indicates how massively overpaid these buggers are.

    And give them the same pension as the Forces.

    And they have to clock in and out.

    And they have to reapply for their job every five years!

    And yes, I have met half a dozen of them and I wasn't impressed by any of them! There is more quality, IMHO, in a Gunner Sgts' Mess.

  8. Cuddles,
    Your post raises some interesting issues and also reflects your acceptance of the term "common sense" to a level which is unacceptable. Are you not aware that as we approach the Celestial Navigators 10th circumnavigation of the Heavens, Cosmos and Infinity nobody is common any more ?

    Everyone is special.

    Please report 0800 on Monday morning to the Ministry of Truth for re-educashun.

    Glad I got that off my chest- Victory gins all round !!
  9. Hmmmm

    Dennis Skinner would be on??? Compared with Cameron, Chris Huhne and Vince Cable??
  10. Dennis Skinner would be on something nearer his value than he is now.
  11. That really is amazing Mushroom.

    In a thread that is being used as a hammer to beat MPs of all colours over the head, You choose to denegrate on of those who really does all he can to put in a full working day.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I am under the impression that Skinner

    - Gives the greater part of his MPs salary away
    - Has voted against every increase in salary, certainly since Labour came to power
    - Listens to every debate that he can in Parliament
    - Votes in over 95% of debates
    - Uses less of his expences than over 600 of his colleagues.

    And You come out with bollox like that

  12. I agree with you, Sven 8O . If I was taking a pot at any MP in this area, the last one on my list would be the Beast of Bolsover. Having said that, I note that his promise to retire when he hit 65 has gone by the board. Can't even trust the BoB now!

  13. Would You leave Your party in the hands of the majority of those so called Labour MPs
  14. Sven, do you honestly think Skinner would enjoy the thought of being used as an excuse to keep MPs on their present luxurious gravy train?

    If, as you say, he gives a large part of his salary away, then surely he would be happy to be paid a lesser and more fitting wage along with every other MP. That would tie in with his voting record.

    Personally I think the man's a cnut, but at least he's a cnut with principles.

    So for you to hold up Skinner as the reason that Cuddles' blinding plan shouldn't be trumpeted from the rooftops smacks somewhat of hypocrisy.

    Merry Christmas.