Reflecting jackets for dark asylum seekers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Kaye, Oct 23, 2009.

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  1. Take a look at this site:
    Ze article at a Dutch Newsh Shite

    It's about a rural town somewhere in the Dutch Limburg where there is a home for asylum seekers. African asylum seekers. Dark skinned African asylum seekers. In a rural town with few lamp posts.

    The dark skinned Africans like to take walks late at night. When they do so, the lone Africans do not stick out against the backdrop of dark night deep in the forests of Limbug. And the locals are often scared by someone from the home popping up next to them.

    According to the town council, who payed for the jackets, it's not about racism. People are used to having the asylum centre around. No. It's about them blackies creeping out of the centre and loomin' about at night!
    Next they'll have them wear a reflecting dayglow yellow star by day too

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  3. Yet Sara Kennedy got slated for pointing out exactly this a while back
  4. The Jackets also make it a lot easier to shoot them.
  5. When I walk my dog both I and the dog wear high vis vests because we don't want to be run over.
  6. You must have been gutted you missed them! :D
  7. ...because we need to mark out those evil darkies like we had to mark out the Jews in '38 so we could avoid them and their shini curses.