Feel like a right plonker asking what is a basic question to most people, basically I am applying to join the army as a Regular Soldier my problem is I haven't got two references!

I've been unemployed for 11 months and in hindsight wish I had signed up five years ago, with turning 26 I want to grab the bull by the horns before I end up regretting never at least trying to get in.

I can get one from where I last worked but following the Guidance Notes section 6.2 I haven't got another!

I haven't seen a doctor in a decade or teacher in five years, don't know any magistrates or MP's or priests or civil servants.

I went to the job centre to see if they could give me as apart from interview people, they are the only ones in authority who have seen me constantly for a nearly a year now but they don't do references for people. Feel like a right mug, lived in the UK all my life, lived in Nottingham for 13 years of that and can't even get two up to date legit references.

Does anyone know or have any advice what I should do? Quitting is not an option.

As long as they aren't family or related just use someone like sports coach, neighbour with a job like teacher etc, ex work colleague you still long as they aren't going to say Nottingham will be a far safer place without out you....all you need is the name and address for now and references are sent out at a later date by the recruiter.


There's a way around everything. It seems you have two options:
a) Stick whoever you can as a reference. With a bit of luck, the vetting people will chase up the right contacts, although that's most likely going to delay the application.
b) Discuss the situation with the careers office. I'm sure they've dealt with this problem before, and know how to rectify it.
The_Iron has it right as usual (being a Recruiting Jedi). Exactly same advice I was given at AFCO a while back.
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