Sorry to bother everyone, just a quick question regarding references...

I was last at College in 2005 and all of my lecturers have since left, or rather emigrated! None of the existing lecturers know me, nor I them.

What on gods earth do I do now with regards to a College reference?

Will be asking my Sponsor next monday but will be unable to until then, so thought I would ask on here.

Regards, Dirk Digler
I'll be one of your references mr digler...on a more serious note just get someone of an upstanding position in your local community to give you a reference, you know a policeman, doctor, farmer etc. I don't believe you need to have an educational reference but then again i could be wrong, and usually am...
Whilst I am sure a refrence from your good self would more than suffice, in the mountain of paperwork it asks for a reference from secondary education, higher education and 2x alternative references...If I am wrong, then even better!
A mate had a similar issue with an (non-military) application. If I remember correctly the solution was that, failing all else, put the head teacher of the school/college and they'll write the reference based on the files they have on you.
I'm guessing the education referee is only intended to confirm attendance and academic competence anyway, other referees do the whole character bit. Of course the absolute safest thing to do is just run everything past your ACA, or least their secretary, who can give you a definite answer.
Best of luck with AOSB etc.
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