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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by armr617, May 16, 2007.

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  1. My Brother in law has finally decided to do something worthwhile,
    He has his BARB test tomorrow and he needs to have 2 names for References. (he's been keeping it quiet to avoid family pressure)

    Question is, is he allowed to use me?

    Cant find anything about references on the website, so thought I would ask you lot!
  2. As far as I understood references, none of them can be family members, whether for the army or any job. Personally being his sister-in-law that makes you related in this case, so no.

    waits to be told she's wrong
  3. I used my doctor and my god father and they haven't said anything.
  4. does he know anyone who's ex military, im going in and got my reference from a ex-army manager at my place of work, they seemed quite happy with that
  5. Ok this could cause problems when the snr recruiter checks the documents. As previously mentioned you cant use family members.

    The 485 Academic reference can be sent to teachers/college lecturers if you have known them in the last year relating to school/college.

    484 is used as a character reference, good if you know somebody involves in a club, proffession that your involved with or a neighbour. Some people put GP's, policeman etc who can be very reluctant to fill them out.

    484E For your employment reference ie employee, line manager

    References are checked out and cannot be from same address family members.

    hope this helps
  6. i used my next door neighbour of 17 years on mine

    plus previous employer
  7. No one that is related to you, people that you have had a close personal relationship with or any financial arrangement with you. Must have known you at least 12 months and have had contact with you within 6 months.
  8. Thanks Iron, I never really classed a god parent as family more as friend of the family. I put my current employer as well so they have some options. But i handed in my application about a week and a half ago and have not at this time had any calls about it so hopefully there no problems fingers crossed.
  9. I used my God father for a reference and it wasn't an issue - although my house master from school was an issue?! 8O Apparently the house master was too close to me.

    Go figure. :D
  10. hehe anally to close maybe?? Sorry couldn't resist.
  11. No worries, saw that coming from somewhere... Unlike my housemaster! 8O
  12. i just got my head teacher to do myn and my form tutor from school.

    no problems, but they send a letter to them who write some stuff about you then that goes all around the place.
    they read them out to me yesterday at recruit selection.
    just get one academic reference and get a teacher you know well as a personal reference :)