Reference the old Berghaus Cyclops Vulcan:

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by TamH70, Aug 3, 2010.

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  1. Were they IRR compatible? I got a second hand one in the mail today after getting it on t'old Ebay. Was in good second hand condition - I have seen way worse kit being issued in various stores rooms throughout my past career, but having heard so much stuff about the Web-tex brand being pish-poor, I just wanted to inquire about Berghaus's record in this area.

    When I opened up the package I was expecting to see an Afghan asylum seeker pop out, the thing really is that heruge. :cool:

  2. msr

    msr LE

    Why not just use the issued one?
  3. Would do if I was still serving. My mistake though, the question should have included, "if I manage to get back in the TAs" etc.
    At the moment, I will mainly be using it for hill-walking and stuff, but I try always to look longer-term so things don't jump up and bite me on my arse.

  4. Cyclops Roc 3 - legend! You could get almost everything that you were likely to need for a six week holiday to the Falklands in one of them...

    I bought mine in 1982 for £70 odd quid and it is still going strong. In fact next time I go on a lad's pissed up weekend, I might just use it for my kit. although there is probably a kit monster living at the bottom of it, full of badness!
  5. I got it for fifteen quid including postage and packing. Major bargain or what?
    Much better built than the web-tex one that is lying in my mfo box, with it's buckles smashed off and cut away, waiting for repair.
    Which cost me six times that amount of money. Yep, I was young, foolish, and not yet a member of ARRSE when I got that one.
    So didn't know that web-tex = crap.

  6. So let me get this right ! your worried about the IRR compatability of the vulcan on the off chance you might join the TA ?
    (note no "S",its Army not army's )

    If you re-join you will get one issued, so not a problem :)

    Oh and Web-shite dont bother to repair it just send it to land fill thats all its good for !

    remember kids " buy webtex buy twice "
  7. I never said my mind made sense even to me, old chap. Why should I expect it to make sense to you? Btw, love the avatar.
    One of the coolest characters ever to stalk a cinema screen was Jules Winfield.