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A couple of years ago I signed up with my local TA. The idea was to get some experience of Army life before committing to the Regs.

To begin with I loved every aspect of it, I really enjoyed the training and learning new things. The CMS(r) was fairly tough, but it was a challenge and it took me outside my comfort zone which was good. Once I finished the training though I found I wasn't getting anything out of my chosen trade. I know I should have researched this better and it's my fault, but at the time I just wanted the experience.

I am now in a position where I have researched and selected a trade which I want to do in the Regs. I'm concerned though that due partly to work pressures and partly for the reasons above my attendance has not been exemplary - it's actually been terrible. I know that a reference will be required from my current CO and I know that lack of attendance will probably mean that it isn't great. Any advice would be appreciated, should I defer signing up and spend some more time with my current unit first or should I have a frank discussion with my CO explaining the situation honestly. Cheers all.


Depending on what your general conduct is like when you did attend, you could simply say that your work/family commitments meant that you could not attend as much as you would have liked to. The TA don't expect you to put your civilian employment at risk to attend training weekends etc. Bearing in mind you can't be given a bad reference
Its good to have a chat with your CO as you need a letter of reccomendation off of him to go with your 203.

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