Referees Good or Bad?

  • Good that they are clamping down on cheating in the game?

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  • Bad that they are ruining play?

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Following the Portugal - Holland game is it good that Referees or FIFA is clamping down on cheating, diving, etc. Or is it ruining what has the potential to be a classic world cup?

Good for England in the next round though. :D
It's right that 'simulation' is being targeted by the powers that be, and only fair that refs clamp down on it. How many times have England been d*cked by some diving, cheating player? David Beckham became a national hate figure for a indescrepency so minor it would have probably gone unpunished this World Cup, but because of Simeone's melodramatic fall became a sending off incident. The problem comes with the incostistency thats being displayed this World Cup. The ref in said Holland-Portugal game didn't have any control over the game and the players took the p**s good style, it was kind of entertaining from a neutral pov, but then ya had to ask would we like these kind of tactics against England next week? And would we like a ref as incapable as him?
I hope England will win next saturday.
That Russian ref was a total knob end!
I noticed that a lot of referees don't "feel"the match and draw cards way too quick.
Robben is a little known as a diver and that worked obviously against him,but what about Figo?
He would be an great actor.
I also hope Australia will beat the shite out of Italy(another team full of divers).

Holland exit ........... GO ENGLAND!!!


Bonus for England getting two Portugual players suspended, Ronaldo might not be fit and Figo may be getting a FIFA video red card, with luck after his 'headbutt'. And England will need all the luck in the world to beat the remaining 8 players.
Explain 'feel' the match? And draw cards too quickly?

If a foul is worthy of a caution/sending-off in the 1st or 90th minute of a game, refs are under remit to punish it appropriately. The players are well aware of this and play on this and put the ref under pressure to give a decision in their favour and demonstrate unsporting behaviour as was obvious in the Holland game and with particular individuals and countries. Players also demonstrate an obvious lack of knowledge of the laws of the game and wonder why they get cautioned for deliberately delaying the restart of the game and persistent fouling, etc, etc, aside from the blatant fouls they commit.

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