Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by mcflurry, Dec 7, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm currently filling out my CNP for Westbury and the Referee Consent Form has me stuck. I need two referees who aren't relatives, connected with my school, college, university, Territorial Army or UOTC, or employer. Who am I supposed to put down? Just friends who've known me for over a year?

  2. Pierluigi Collina might do for one.
  3. Probation Officer and Social Worker, oh this isn't the NAAFI .....

    Seriously, you could try your doctor, priest if you're religious, any of your friend's fathers who have an upstanding job E.g. bank manager etc
  4. I got my GP and the CEO of a small charity that I had done some voluntary work with. But you can have anyone that claims to know a lot about your character. Think of various people from your village/town/suburb who hold reasonably respectable positions e.g. teachers, lawyers, priests, business owners etc. IIRC you've to put down three, the first being your head of university department or head teacher and then two others who weren't relatives or employers. I was asked for one from my current employer but perhaps this was instead of a professor because I'm finished with university a few years now.
  5. One of my original referees was a pillar of the local area & prominent Government scientist. I then discovered he was also a leading light of the Communist Party of Great Britain in his student days & asked the ex-RAF MT Sgt round the corner instead.
  6. I've got my former teacher, my mechanical surveyor neighbour, and a guy who's currently unemployed. I haven't seen my GP in about eight years; whenever I get an appointment I get some other doctor.
  7. Former teacher; surely connected with school?

    Neighbour and guy who is currently unemployed are "fine" as long as they meet the criteria. A friend of mine put me down once, much to my amazement.
  8. The first referee has to be your tutor/employer/teacher, and since I've only been at university for about 10 weeks it has to be my teacher. The criteria about not being connected with X, Y and Z only apply to the other two referees.