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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by error_unknown, Mar 7, 2002.

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  1. sir,ladies and gents
       Trog here to see you about your chat room, 1st i would like to say that the chat room server seems relatively slow plus everytime i´ve been on there, there is next to nobody that use´s it, Or maybe its just me.
    Is there anyway of speeding it up and making it look a little more intresting
    Does anybody else share a view on this 8)
  2. Sir
    sorry for saying that but i thought i would had a constructive critisism
  3. Yes, basically it's toss.  I will get round to looking for an alternative this weekend.
  4. Chat room removed.  Am looking for an alternative as I think it's quite a good idea.
  5. Sir
         Only as an idea, But by lycos or yahoo, one of them anyway, they have a chatroom based on a ship, once registered, You chat away on any of the topics based within the chatroom, The more you talk to people the more promotion you get and access to different icons and more access to different chatrooms aswell, You could probably base your idea on MOD whitehall and work from cleaner upwards etc. catch my drift.
    Or have a different chatroom for the different site issues, or most popular site issues.
    anyway i just thought i would try and help you out with your train set
    see ya later
    trog 8)