Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by royaltanky, Apr 25, 2007.

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  1. Ref the on going conversation with the pros and cons of buying an xbox360 wii or ps3.

    I have now received my Nintendo wii through the referall process- please visit this site for all the information you need.

    I have found the wii a great family gaming console and a good scream with friends.

    However if you want to play online and experience the fighting games i would definitely recommend XBOX360- its the dogs bolloxs for online gaming

    The PS3 is basically a good console to rival XBOX360 but its going to take some doing to rival it. I would class it more as a student system for alone playing.

    If you would like to get an item through the web site for free either send me a PM or email me through web site.
    I can then search for the best offer for the console you want with the easiest and best rate of referalls

  2. look if you take a few moments to visit the web, you will see that this is not pyramid selling, far from it- i would'nt touch that with a barge pole.

    This is exactly as it says on the tin- A referall opportunity, you tell your mates they tell there mates and you get anything from a console to an hdtv.

    You can visit web site set up for this where you trade referalls etc, the point i make is that i am happy to help find the best site for what you want, with the least amount of referalls.

    Xbox360 core system @ 10 referalls-THATS 10 MATES-thats all

    Its not rocket science although with your attitude i can see you flying a kite let alone a rocket, but thats beside the point.

    Here to help :)
  3. And what part of this isn't a pyramid selling scheme?
  4. Erm mate, you spelt referral wrongly on your site...

    And what the fuck does your statement in bold mean?
  5. Thanks for the info i'll correct that
  6. Can this go in the Arrse hole - it's referral scheme...
  7. christ you dont give up do you?