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Hi guys just wondering if anyone knows the probable outcome son passed out of afc harrogate aug 08 .then moved onto phase 2 at bovington in sept.He completed his driving and signals cadre.But on the pt side the pt staff have picked up on a ankle injury and keep sending him to sick parade. He as had physio and started his tank driving. On the second day of is course in a pt session a wo2 pti instructer as made him go sick again. The outcome now is thrown of course and put on 4 week sick..also a Md as been mentioned.... as yet they dont no what is up with is foot He is 17 just picking your brains really Any feedback will be appreciated thanks


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wait for a diagnoses of his foot.... They arent going to bin him and waste all the money they have spent training him, if its something that just needs a bit of TLC....

They have to warn him about potential MD, so he cant say they didnt warn him!!

Chances are as time marches on, he will have to retake phase 2 or parts there of!

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