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Rees-Mogg: Traitor, Hero or Muppet?

JRM 1/ Traitor, 2/ Hero, 3/ Muppet

  • 1. Traitor

    Votes: 32 6.5%
  • 2. Hero

    Votes: 80 16.2%
  • 3. Muppet

    Votes: 146 29.5%
  • 4. A very nice chap doing his best for the country

    Votes: 237 47.9%

  • Total voters
That's the best you're gonna get. Make of it what you will.

Call him your 'friend' if you like, 'saviour of the nation' if it floats your boat.​

More fool you. He's on nobody's side but his own.​
I'm not gonna argue with you about him - that would be a waste of my time and yours.​
Maybe, instead - you've time to spare in lockdown I've no doubt - you'd care to surface information/evidence/ things what he has rote that might convert the likes of me to the belief that JR-M is on the side of the angels, and that his personal philosophy is wholly misconstrued by the likes of me ^~

I will probably read it.

I won't promise to reply.

Can I suggest you stop supping then Brasso. It’s plainly addling your brain...
We live in a country where many front-line health workers (whose C19 fatality rate dwarfs that of any other segment of the working population), are reliant on food banks, FFS.

Only 307 healthy under 60s dead by Wuhan flu so its nice that all those elderly unwell NHS staff at least died surrounded by their work mates in a familiar environment.

Their sacrifice will not be forgotten as they save the country a fortune in pensions payments, on going medical care, sick pay and create vacancies for the young and healthy who's tax payments will be required to help dig the country out of the very deep hole the panicdemic has created.

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