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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Tartan_Terrier, Jan 4, 2007.

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  1. all a bunch of knobs

  2. okay if they do it properly

  1. Reading through the walt threads, I've seen a lot of adverse comment about reenactors.

    In my opinion though, as long as they put a bit of effort in and do it properly, I've nothing against it. Seeing a convincing group of reenactors using the proper tactics, is probably the closest I'll ever get to seeing WW2 for myself.

    What really bugs me are the four man strong 'divisions' consisting of aged, and or overweight blokes, wearing a mix of surplus and cheap reproduction gear. Why do they bother?

    Does anyone know of any reenactment groups that really do it properly, i.e. correct drills, gear etc.?
  2. I was going to say the TA but I noted you said 'correct gear'. ;)
  3. Well here's a quandry.

    This chap likes to fly WW1 aircraft as a re-enactor , is he a walt, or a serious period aviation re-creator?

  4. Der Waltenkommando aside, there are some very well put together groups - notably the Great War-themed Khaki Chums. These blokes provide honour guards for all sorts of events and fund raise also. They are very well connected and more than a few of 'em are ex-regulars and TA.

    Their turn out is impressive - better than some regs I've seen. They also crop up in the myriad Great War documentaries that have abounded of late and their knowledge and attention to detail is astounding - each bloke an expert in their own field, and I understand they're all members of the much respected Western Front Association. They usually send a detachment to the Cenotaph on Armistice Day and are well received by all. Definitely not walts.
  5. A walt with too much time and money on his hands.
  6. He's a fcuking lunatic if he flies a 90 year old bit of balsa wood!

    I think there are different levels of the re-enactors genre.

    You have at the top level the rather professional hobbiests who try and go for every detail not only in dress and equipment but the event or battle itself.

    In the middle, you have the chaps who are vehicle or weapon enthusiasts. These types tend to eat sleep and drink their particular interest and dress up for effect as opposed to out right waltism.

    At the bottom end, you have a couple of blokes who have spent their winnings from a scratch card at the local surplus store and are caught between true waltism and 're-enactor'. These types can usually be found pushing brooms around most garrisons and are employed by the SSO. In the evenings, they regail tales of 'when they were on the balcony' etc.
  7. Well as you know yourself Flash , there are a fair few qualified Military Pilots who do enjoy re-enactment of another period as per the chap above, whose day job is flying Military Aircraft.

    But he has a real thing for string and canvas , and delights in passing that knowledge of a by-gone age on.

    I also know of a Strike Eagle Driver who flew combat in OIF , who really would rather be driving a Mustang over Berlin :D
  8. There was a chap a few years ago who flew a Fokker Triplane in the colours of the Red Baron. Unfortunately he crashed and died at an air display...possibly taking reenactment too far. :eek:

  9. :roll: Dunno what you mean..........

    Totally agree to be honest. I think its a different sort of re-enacting though. It's not re-enacting in the usual sense; lots of overweight blokes running up a hill in Hampshire pretending to be Cavaliers/Krauts/Klingons. I suppose the broadbrush for everyone who wears, flies or drives period kit is a re-enactor. It's a lavishly deep tapestry of yesteryear. I supose it's down to what they are trying to achieve.
  10. Fair play to him! If you're going to display a 90 year old aircraft it makes sense to wear the 90 year old uniform and demonstrate how it all looked and worked. You wouldn't demonstrate a horse in medieval saddle and harness and wear a pair of jeans and a bomber jacket.

    It's a lot different from turning up as a badly dressed and historically incorrect overweight SS stormtrooper and poncing around whilst telling people in the beer tent that "Hitler had a point" and dreaming of how you could sort out the non-arians with an MP40 if only you had a real one instead of a de-act.

    As has been stated, some of the Re-enactors are nobs but then some of every group in society are nobs. (Except airsofters who are all nobs)
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  12. Have to agree with the comments, so far.
    If it is done as historically accurate as possible and they make all the effort then why not?
    I've seen a few groups scattered about the place. They are all very keen to pass on their knowledge/interest to anyone. Especially the younger generation. This surely can only be a good thing.
    The roman folk, yes very good at what they do, however calling themselves pontius/maximus/ bigus dickus whilst having a fag break and a brew is going a bit too far IMO :D
  13. Yeah, but did the Aussies claim that one as well?
  14. Yeah, but is that headset hung over the windscreen pukka gen First War issue?
  15. Dont know, but his watch does not look genuine WW1 era stuff :D