reenactor in need of help with mtp

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by desert rat, Feb 6, 2013.

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  1. Hi guys this is my first ever post, first of all im a reenactor of a living history group, im trying to update my kit to mtp pcs, ive been told that its illegal for a civvy to own unissued kit bought directly from crye, the question i would like to know is does anyone have a official contact address for the MOD to get either written permission or something as i dont really fancy doing time for wearing the kit.
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    It's not illegal to own MTP kit although the MoD licensing terms with Cyre means that MTP is not available for third party manufacturers. The ways round this for you are:
    • Buy surplus/2nd hand kit - there is loads of it on ebay for instance
    • Get kit in Multicam or other MTP-like camouflage schemes such as Vista ATP
  3. Please do not be offended by this question as It is actually genuine, But living history? Is MTP even a year in service yet?

  4. History is so yesterday.
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  5. im not offended yes i fully agree its not been a year in service yet however we do a timeline from ww2 all the way till now (all desert rats) but since the change i personally have updated my kit to modern, the idea is everything is in living memory but the public dont oftern get to see all the kit such as body armour (ebay 2nd hand), thanks tribe so your saying i can wear non issued pcs legitametly without being prosicuted? thats my main concern
  6. You can wear what you like, you're a civvy.
  7. I stand to be corrected, but isn't there a limitation on where it can be worn? I seem to recall that there's no limitation on wearing obsolete kit but current kit shouldn't be worn in a public place. So if you're at a re-enactment event, there's no problem wearing PCS but you risk getting lifted if you're just strolling down the High Street in full uniform. I've a recollection that this may be one of the reasons why ACF wear distinguishing titles as they're not part of the Army. CS95 might be a woolly area for a year or so.

    Rules for wearing Police uniform are better defined in that you need specific documentation to possess items with the Police logo.
  8. Ill never understand civis
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  9. Civvies can wear what they want, they can wear MTP, DPM, Police uniforms or even dress as the Grand PooBah of Rajistan.

    There is no law in this country that dictates what you can or cannot wear.

    You cannot however claim to be who you appear to be, you can dress as a policeman but may not claim to be one.
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  10. How have builders and students not all been constantly thrown in jail all these years. These crimes must not go unpunished.

    I shall go and destroy with fire, the local surplus shop in protest.

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  11. No you can't. Simply because you can't buy an item that has a Police logo. Check any surplus store and you'll find the logo cut off. For the logo you need evidence that you're in the acting profession and undertake to use it only in that context.
  12. Usually because the stuff they wear is "obsolete" and they don't wear uniform, just items of it. And because people don't much care - unless it's brought to the attention of the Waltenkommando. And even then...
  13. Ok thanks guys its cleared up alot of issues, i dont clame to be a soldier of any type, non of us in the group are we get advice from people such as your selves and try to get everything right just occassionally we dont know rules on uniform etc, so my understanding is aslong as its unissued kit or second hand and only worn at events and i dont say im serving (dishonerable) i should be ok? as for the not getting civvis i know we are strange creatures that do strange things :)
  14. Sure, this is illegal - right?

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