Reece at Dale the Snails


Here am at Dale's doing a deep undercover recce for the Richmond Crawl.

Situation: It's ace in Richond, the Slug can get us into anywhere she can fit her fat arrse into.

Mission: Get as many arrsers wrecked in Richmond

Execution: The lot of them ;)

CSS: Dale can sleep 25 at least at hers (+5 in the garden and probably another ten in next door's garden, as they are selling up and not resident)

Any questions? ;)

Biscuits_AB said:
Delete it. We don't need your sort round here.

By the way, stay off the Moors.

I can't stay off the Moors, I live up in them :? way way uphill from you're end.
I would be profoundly grateful if you keep them all down at your end, we dont take kindly to strangers up here.....

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