im currently a sapper in the royal enigneers as a fitter gen and done 7 years would anyone know the chace off getting redundency?
There wont be anymore lists, you have to write direct to your desk officer in MCM Div in Glasgow requesting consideration.

Your RSM holds the forms. he he

It was I who told you about the RSM holding the forms, which should be sent to Glasgee.

There are no forms, and you'd probably attract the gaze of the RSM if you asked for them.

Sorry, but I'd have trouble sleeping tonight if I felt you might actually ask the Badge for the forms...

As above, the only people who know at this time are in MCM Div, and even then it may still be on 'draft vX.X'.

Going off previous tranches, the fields will be released in January.

The fields list capbadge, trade, rank and length of service. If you in that bracket you can apply or take your chances...

I say apply or take your chances, but from what I've seen it doesn't make any odds. The only difference is tha tif you volunteer you only have 6 months to get sorted, if you're told to go you have 12.

You can leave pretty much as soon as you want in both cases though.
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