Hi all, hubby came home with the letter to say he was eligible for redundancy yesterday and has decided he wants to take it.

We are currently based at Catterick Garrison and would like to relocate back to Darlington where we are both originally from, we've heard that because we are within a 50mile radius of camp we won't be entitled to DA or removals, can anyone confirm this?

If that is the case it is going to be a struggle to pay for our removals as we already have a two year old and another baby on the way who will be approx. 6months old when hubby finally gets made redundant and also have to find £800 upfront for the 'red rose' course he would like to do, so I was wondering, would we be entitled to advance pay to help us with the move if we claim for it in June time of this year? he would then have 5/6months service left.

Thanks in advance.

sup rec

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You are right, if you are going to settle within 50 miles of your current location, there is NO entitlement to DA or removals (the detail can be found on page E2-2 of the DIN). ALso remember that although your hubby wants to take it he may not get it. He needs to submit his application and then wait for the results in June. As he is voluntarily going he would be out in Dec 13. You probably know the last bits anyway but have added just to make sure.I don't know about the advance of pay side so can't comment. He is entitled to resettlement and there is a grant that he gets there. He can also use his enhanced learning credits for certain courses and I am pretty sure Red Rose is one of the recognised providers. He will still need to pay 20% of the course fees though.Hope this helps.
Thanks Sup Rec. I've spoken to my mum this morning and shes told me not to worry too much.Im panicing over something I cant control and its no good for the baby- I know catterick to darlington is only about 15miles but its daunting to think we have to move everything and might not even have a house by then, however if it has to go into storage and we have to move in with my parents until we have a home thats what will happen. It just came as abit of a shock as our friend said we deffo get DA and removals but she had to fight for hers(now its become apparent that she was entitled because of over 50miles but they already owned the house they were moving back to they tried to refuse her and eventually gave in). Hubby said he will be in briefings most of the day and hopefully that will shed some light, I know hes not 100% redundant and we have to wait until june,but to be honest, he will have done 7 years in august with recommended promotion every year and still hasn't picked up, it looks inevitable that they see him with no potential anymore and I'm just trying to get my head around it and possibly a head start in saving some money if possible for these courses he has to pay in advance for. Also, he thinks he is automatically on the list for a council house but I've told him this isn't the case and that we have to put our name down. Although we were expecting it, it has pretty much hit me like a brick as I know no other type of life without army since being married to him. Thanks for your help tho, much appreciated.
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