Discussion in 'REME' started by The24Bmech, Aug 29, 2011.

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  1. Hi can anyone got any idea how many VM A/B VE SGT's have volunteered for redundancy in tranche 1, I personally have volunteered but just want to get a steer on how many others have.
  2. H3

    H3 LE

    Bit of advice from Civ Div .... Stay in as long as you can as it's a bit crap out here these days unless you have a dead cert of a job .... Ok sunny climates can be offered on a 3 month on 3 weeks off tour which is crap in my eyes ( my mates in a hot place ) doing that and is 2 leaps above you in beer tokens. I'm oil and gas myself so possibly edge your way towards that if you can ...... Best of luck but try not to jump ship to soon !!
  3. Thanks for the advice, and I've just re-read my initial post and can only apologise for my poor english (I'm going to blame on a good sunday session on a bank holiday weekend) but if I was to be honest I was on my way out the door anyway, I just wondered who else has volunteered or knows someone who has because on thursday I'll be gutted if I'm not one of the 10.
  4. Realisticaly, is anyone going to know? & if they do, will they tell? The only people who will have a hook on this will be MCM div and Im sure they have been sworn to absolute secrecy (including on an anonymous forum!). Its a pretty emotive and important sublecy to leak on t'interweb!
  5. 86(?) eligible, 10 to go. I wouldn't get my hopes up mate. At my place 2 eligible, 1 applied and he is absolutely convinced that he's got it, I've tried convincing him otherwise but he's not having it. That said he is a mong.
  6. Which means of course that he will stay and a non-applicant good bloke will go.
  7. Sorry think some of you have got the wrong idea, I'm not after names only a rough idea of numbers to see what sort of chance I have.
  8. They have said that they will take volunteers before non-applicants but I have my doubts.
  9. It will be 10 people who won't have done long enough to get a full pension, sub 18 yrs? On one hand I feel it should be people who aren't MFD but on the other I feel it would be better if only applicants went.
  10. It doesn't matter howmany applicants they've got or not.

    As I understand it they board every volunteer, fill the places with those they want to let go. Bit like a promotion board.

    If they have more spaces to fill they then look at the non-volunteers to fill them.

    You could be a volunteer but kept on.
  11. Spaz did you realise that those in the bracket but MFD have been taken off the list because you cant make someone downgraded redundant? I couldn't believe that when I first heard. I have it from a good friend of mine that when he phoned records up about being on the list, their best advice was for him to get himself downgraded if he wanted to stay in. Fcucking scandalous.
    & choccie I have been told that despite boarding people, they wont take the bottom candidates en masse but instead "salami slice" throughout. I won't tell you the reasoning because I dont fully understand it. Why would we keep the low(est) performers in the Corps and yet happily lose better soldiers?
  12. The general idea is that by removing just the bottom candidates you are then left with a range of personnel where those who were middle 1/3 now find themselves in the new bottom 1/3. When they then get jobs they are the bottom of the new pile and don't get the crunchy jobs they thought they were in line for as may have happened when they were in the middle third.

    By 'salami slicing' there is at least an attempt to maintain an even distribution of capabilities.
  13. Is it me or is that Salami slicing method weird?
  14. No.

    It means that when (for example) a third get lopped, the 1/3 is evenly spread. If we were to just take the bottom 1/3 then as mentioned above, the new bottom 1/3 would be quality guys (more on this later). Likewise there will be less promotion spots (as they ahve been cut) so quality guys will not neccesarily get picked up.

    If the quality guys start sitting in dead end jobs and not getting picked up... they will walk. Which will be bad.

    That is how I understand it anyway.
  15. But if you've got rid of all the dross and "leaned" everything then the merely "good" blokes would become mediocre by default.
    It's this thought process that weirds me out.
    Unless loads of Army jobs change, they'll always be dead end ones that'll have to be filled.

    There may be trouble ahead...