Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Outstanding, Aug 10, 2011.

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  1. Why has the latest tranche of redundancy been delayed from Oct to Feb? Bit short over Christmas?
  2. In short, so they can work out how to fit more people into the Tranche - it needs to be costed and linked to the jobs actually being binned.
  3. Also the 1st tranche's board only sat a couple of weeks ago, and the results haven't even been released yet. I believe that the word on tranche 1 comes out early September.

    APC Glasgow will need a little bit of time to catch up, maybe because of people wanting to contest any results to try and stay in or alternatively get out..............

    And the situation had only been compounded by the fact that the number of people being made redundant seems to be going up and up.
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    Well you can't blame them, there is becoimning increasingly little to remain for and ex-mil jobs are going like hotcakes on the outside.
  5. And in my humble opinion Outstanding, you have hit the nail on the head there. With a world of pain incoming in respect of redundancy numbers, pay freezes and the treasury smiling with glee at the opportunity to further reduce our soldier's pensions (an important retention factor for all those over 12 years service) what is there left to motivate our soldiers?
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    Certainky the idea of this new CARE pension scheme seems quite significantly scary let only caring. The overall aim of both that and the extended career to 62 years of age is to reduce the financial committment that HMG has to bear.