Redundancy-wtf does army do for you??

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Griffana7or, Oct 17, 2012.

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  1. A mate and his family has been made redundant, currently based in germany and with 2 kids under 3. Supposed to leave to uk on dec 11th. Status: homeless. Help of welfare, army or anyone else: 0 . For whatever reason they can't buy or even rent a house. Supposed to spend last 6 month of service in uk but apparrantly theres no space in quarters. What can they do? With being much likely in the same situation soon ourself I'd appreciate any help/hints!
  2. RBL or SSAFA.
  3. Get in touch with the British Armed Forcess Federation (BAFF - Welcome to British Armed Forces Federation | BAFF - Independent professional staff association), who have plenty of experience with things like this. I can't understand why the family won't be able to rent a house though. Also get them to talk to the Unit Welfare Officer/resettlement officer.
    The last 6 months in the UK is an aspiration, not always a right. My friend (out in May), will be in Afghan until April.
  4. I don't know, financial issues I think but its hard to find something when u r over seas anyway. I gonna tell them bout the pages, thanks! Oh and they got the posti g order but no space in the quarters there. Welfare and resettlement people just started working on it and all they got is a letter saying they are officially homeless so they mite get pushed up a list for houses but only when they r back in uk.
  5. You need to speak with your resettlement officer ASP and see if any housing briefs are going on next month in Germany. Ask for details of the JSHAO (Joint Service Housing) who can advise you on all matters regarding coming out the army and options you may not of thought of. Just don't think you will walk into social housing as with Redundancy money or any forms of payout you will be extremely lucky. I went on a housing brief a month ago and was shocked at around 80% of the audience all thought they would get a council house....hope things go well but speak with JSHAO who deal with this sort of thing all the time and can advise better.
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    You use some of your redundancy money to pay for a 6 month rent somewhere cheap while you find some where more suitable for the longer term.

    Turning up with your discharge papers will not launch you to the front of the council house queue as long as you have a bank account full of redundancy money, no matter how long you have served for.

    Once you are redundant you join the rest of society - pay your way or join the social housing lottery. Harsh, but realistic.
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  7. Put a dish dash on, say you lost your papers and apply for political asylum...sorted!
  8. Royal Brit legion, can also stump up deposit and guarantee you, get hold of local welfare officer ASAP, in colchester, we are spoilt with some great welfare guys.
  9. I had 6 months to sort living arrangements out I didnt go to a charity, I didnt go to "Welfare good for F all officer" I was patted on the back and told thanks a million its about letting go, man up, and stand on your own two feet incidently I was also in Germany and also have two children who are very young !
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  10. Hold on pal do you honestly think they will pay the redundancy money in advance of your being made redundant ?I think you need to read the question again !
    The point is he is probably skint otherwise he wouldnt be in any bother !
  11. Very true.
  12. Deluded !
  13. If it's any consolation, those soldiers who were made redundant were done so on the premise that they were not very good soldiers.

    Try harder in your next careers.
  14. Sell your new tax free motor, that should raise some cash.
  15. And there was me thinking there might be some top tip for investing in property or a way to get around those ridiculous fees asked for by Solicitor cnuts (despite the last one I spoke to being well within target).

    As was said earlier. Man up. It's tough out there but millions are coping.