Redundancy versus pap 10 discharge?

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by IBRU, Jan 22, 2013.

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  1. Like many Soldiers I found out today I was in the bracket for redundancy under Tranche 3. I have done all the redundancy and pension calculations and weighed the pros and cons.

    I have also unofficially been informed I may come a crop under PAP 10. Now the cynic in me thinks that if I don't volunteer for redundancy then the unit will take the PAP 10 option and discharge me that way. My question is, given the details below, which option is better financially and is it even possible to be discharged under PAP 10 with my circumstances?

    Date of enlistment: Sep 1997
    18th Birthday: Aug 1998
    Reconable service: 14.5 years
    Rank: Corporal, increment level 7, Substansive since 2005
    MTFP: Royal Signals CS Operator Class one
    Med grading: MLD Perm A4 L3 M6 E2 (Deployable under PJHQ Cat 1)
    Pension Scheme AFPS 75
    Injury: Parachuting accident in 2003 whilst on adventurous training.

    I am currently in a catch 22 as I will never promote substantively (as I am unable to pass SCLM) But I can still deploy on operations (albeit in Lash or Bastion).

    Currently under redundancy I am looking at a cash lump sum of £77,505 (incl resettlement grant) and then nothing till I am 60yrs old at which time my pension starts. Would I be better off if i was PAP 10'd?

    Any advise would be gratefully received.
  2. Log onto Armynet - the DIN is on there, and tells you what'll happen (depends on your Med Stat).
  3. Having looked at the DIN, and bearing in mind you appear to be fully employable, why would you consider a medical discharge instead of redundancy? After reading the DIN I believe you are able to apply so if you want out my advice would be to apply.

    If you have submitted a claim under AFCS you should be able to work out your finances post discharge. Remember though that you cannot commute if medically discharged.
  4. I was under the impression that if you were administered under PAP10, you were not eligible for redundancy.

    If you are BMMRS or MND you might find that T3 is not an option.
  6. It does - instant pension (plus any war pension/AFCS payout) because it's a discharge for medical reasons.
  7. Thanks for the thoughts guys. I should clarify that I AM in the redundancy bracket but am currently not formally administered under PAP 10. It has been suggested that I may be looked at in the future for PAP 10. My query was which is better financially? Currently I am looking at at 75k with no immediate pension on the redundancy side. But I I am pap 10 do I get an immediate pension? And is there a lump sum in there too? I appreciate that my career is near its end but I am just tryi g to find out the best exit strategy financially speaking for my family.
  8. You get your pension lump sum (according to your length of service, rank etc) plus your monthly pension on PAP10. You won't get your £10k resettlement grant though.

    Long term the pension would probably be worth more (dependant on your age and how long you live, obviously) but if you need the bigger payout for a downpayment on a house of something (and if you can get the redundancy instead of the medical route) then you might be better off taking that route.
  9. I'm not an expert. Do not trust me.

    Take the ******* money and run. You might get run over by a bus tomorrow.
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  10. £10K Resettlement? What ******* planet do you live on?
  11. If you get out between 12 and 15 years (I think) you normally qualify for a £10,000 resettlement grant. You don't if you leave under PAP10, you do if you get redundancy.
  12. Hush my child......

    Stop thinking.

    £10K? Hahahahahahahahaha.
  13. You best let the MOD know their redundancy calculator's wrong then. I just chucked my details into it to see if I had the name wrong:

    Special Capital Payment - £56,762

    Preserved Pension at 60 - £2,610
    Terminal Grant at 60 - £7,830
    Pension or Revision at 65 - £5,496
    Terminal Grant at 65 - £8,658
    Resettlement Grant - £10,038