Redundancy tranches 3 & 4 dates?

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by beanhead, Jan 18, 2012.

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  1. Does anyone happen to know the dates for redundancy tranches 3 & 4 (or 2a & 2b whatever they are going to call them)? When the fields will be released and leaving dates for volunteers and non-volunteers? I am currently on VEng (Full) and need to plan my exit date with care. Going to sign off as I cannot see myself staying around for another 2 years although could handle 12 months (or 9 months if I take off GRT & Termination Leave). Tbh I have just been hanging around to see if they needed any of my rank/trade on Tranche 2 but was'nt to be. Time to jump ship.......... ;-)
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  2. A year from yesterday and a year after that (ish), I would assume.
  3. Have you not got access to Dii or Armynet? as all the up to date info 'so far' is in the related DIN.
  4. Yes I have, however I have not been able to find them anywhere hence why I am posting on here!
  5. Can we get this one out of the way first?
  6. Originally the dates for Tranches 3 and 4 were to be the same as for Tranche 2, but in 2013 and 2014. That said, I heard today that Tranche 3 will be in September this year. However, the Army is in turmoil and future redundancy dates will probably depend on how painful this one proves to be. I don't think anyone can give cast iron guarantees at this stage. You should ask the RHQ cleaners, they always seem well briefed.

    All plans are set in custard.
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  7. Ok thanks will try and get something out of RHQ! Is it me or are alot of good soldiers signing off at the mo? If it carries on this way they may save some money on the next 2 tranches, having lost so many through Termination or Early Release, or maybe that is what the bean counters are wishing for............
  8. That's the cheapest option. **** us around and we leave. If you ran the big company wouldn't you be thinking of how you could be saving penny's. No big redundancy payment and big bill to go with it.
  9. T3 is Dec ... results 6 months later. According to FSA.
  10. Well there should be no need for that as Head of Army Manning said: “The Army will select a mixture of personnel for redundancy that preserves, across all cap badges, ranks and trades, the right balance of experience, skill and potential to ensure the Army is able to maintain its operational commitments and to continue its outstanding service in the future.”

    Now this leads to a question of real accountability. In a civilian company any Senior Planner who made such a statement would remain accountable for it. Of course in the army the slippery guys who amke thse plans are not the ones who actually end up dealing with the consequences - perhaps they should remain in the frame if it all goes tit up, as is predicted.

    Military chiefs are still struggling to reduce the Army by 20,000 as part of cost-saving defence cuts despite the biggest round of redundancy in two decades, according to the glorious Defence Secretary.

    More than 1,000 Service personnel were made forcibly redundant out of a total of 3,800. Volunteers will leave by December 11, with compulsory redundancies taking effect in a year's time.

    But with Army numbers needing to drop to 82,000 by the end of the decade, the Defence Secretary admitted further tranches of redundancies would be difficult.

    “We still have some way to go to bring the size of the Army down to 82,000 and decisions on what is necessary to achieve this are yet to be taken, but we won’t compromise the mission in Afghanistan," he said.

    "Of course I regret that it has been necessary to make redundancies to deliver our plans for reducing the size of the armed forces.

    "We will have smaller armed forces but we will ensure they will have the protection and equipment they need."

    Gen Sir David Richards, the head of the Armed Forces, said: “Some of you may see redundancy as an opportunity. Others will see it as a significant challenge.”

    Maybe he should consider keeping the current Head of Army Manning in post until it is all sorted - or sack him well beforehand.
  11. Really? I've just had a gander and it's woefully out of date. It refers to MS Seminars in Feb 2011 when there was one in Dec 11 for Tranche 2 (of which there is no mention whatsoever). Given the changes at APC, good luck eliciting a response from whomever is responsible for updating the page!
  12. Heard that tranche 3 is to be announced 18th Jan. Reading the update it's looking around 5000