Redundancy - Tranche 2 and Beyond

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Please support our troops by reading the e-petition below and then going to the link provided to sign it; then if you think it is a good cause, share it with your friends. We need to reach 100,000 signatures to get traction and get the pension issue debated in the House of Commons. It is a fitting debate given the circumstances we find ourselves in, in general. For me, having been made redundant (and happy to accept this), this is not just a personal issue but a moral one that will face a great many soldiers come the 3rd and 4th tranches which will follow over the next two years. While redundancies are inevitable and aposite in places, the compensation or route out of the service does not reflect the covenant that was agreed originally; many soliders are being made redundant and missing out on reaching their pensions by a few days or weeks. Many more will follow next year as a result of Army2020. Therefore I am not fighting for my own gain but for that of my colleagues and those soldiers who will not have a voice or rank loud enough to be heard in the future. We have got over 500 signatures in over 24 hours....thank you everyone so far! If you all decide to push this onto your colleagues and friends then the response could be overwhelming. Please do so. It was not easy getting permission for this petition to go live, please don't let it be a waste of effort.

Pension Justice for Troops - e-petitions

Pension Justice for Troops

Responsible department: Ministry of Defence

On 12 June 2012, the MoD announced the redundancies of over three thousand service personnel. Of this figure a number were within twelve months of their immediate pension point.

These redundancies do not honour the original employment contract or covenant between soldier and the MoD. These men and women have all faithfully served in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces and repeatedly risked their lives on different tours of duty, with the expectation that, when they completed their period of service, they would be eligible for a pension on which to build a new life for themselves and their families. Given future planned redundancies in the forces this issue is likely to affect many more service personnel.

We call on the Government to urgently review these cases to ensure natural justice and provide the opportunity for all affected personnel to serve the extra year, or less, to reach their immediate pension point as set out in their original contracts of employment.

This is the srious bit on ARRSE, it says so on the tin! IF you wish to look for bites, allow me to point you in the direction of the NAAFI bar.

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I've signed this........I wouldn't normally but the plight of those blokes so close to their IPP makes this a worthwhile cause. Making a total of 100,000 signatures will be hard work but a bit of gentle persuasion within the hallowed halls of ARRSE might make the aspiration a reality.

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