Redundancy - the results

Not in the bracket so will be soldiering on since I'm too idle to resign!

81 Inf DE Majors? That's going to sting...


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Annex A to the Din breaks it down to number by Corps / Trade / Rank and the qualifying criteria.
122 LEs - Obviously they are clearing out the smell of urine from the officers mess.
**** my job is ringfenced - bastards.......
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Come on you twats, I haven't got all day.
Reccy Mech Cfn 5/6 years
I'm sure there are alot of disappointed folks out there today,

as they didn't feature on the lists :)
A lot of private soldiers on this one, who will leave with **** all. Oh well still young enough to get a new job with minimal qualifications or sign on the rock and roll :(
I think most people here will have heard the bell begin to toll for the Gurkhas the moment she jumped onto that bandwaggon.
yep, even mystic meg could have sussed that just knew that the spiteful government would have their retaliation.
Even the old retired Ghurkas knew what was coming sooner or later.

She must have been told by them too......
I am "natural wastage" ie my 24 is up before 2015 so not eligible =|

Good luck to those who apply for it, i'll just have to take my 24 year pension in 2014.

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