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Redundancy selection process


Happened to me about 5 years ago. There was a scoring system clearly rigged to get rid of people earning the higher wages. My company paid the statutory minimum, so I got more for my 3 months notice and untaken leave than I did for the redundancy. Important point - they can pay your salary in lieu of notice Tax free.

Although it felt like the end of the world, I went on holiday, had a 3 month break, and got another job through a bit of networking. Don’t burn any bridges though. In the end, it could be the new start you didn’t realise you needed.

Good luck.


My (ex) employer went through this 2-3 months ago. 20-30 to go from 350 so full formal consultation process and I was one of the employee reps.
It became clear that the selection process, while technically legit, was highly susceptible to producing the answer they wanted.
However, the firm also offered an enhanced package about 50% better than statutory redundancy, but on the proviso that you accepted a settlement agreement and waived your rights to complain (shades of "do you accept my award...")
It was clear that, while there might be a chance of fighting a decision to chop you, the risk was high as if you won, you'd likely get SRP instead if they chop you some other way.
So I took the cash. After 13 yrs there I'm paid until Easter (when you account for the first £30k tax-free) and I left on good terms, the door is open to contract work with them next year when they realise they should have kept me after all.


I won't be burning any bridges, its not worth it in the inter-connected world but if things are amiss due to bad HR advice then there are up to 15 ppl who may be getting the wrong info & treated incorrectly. The company should be challenged if this is the case.
My own situ is not that bad from a financial POV, i've already asked for a potential redundancy fig & thats over 13k plus I sit on a decent savings pot so I'm not worried on that side of things.
Regardless, things must be done according to the law, as long as they are then fine & dandy.


Book Reviewer
To the OP: If I read it right, you're in the redundancy pool - which means your fate is already decided. If you were in a unique role and not being considered for redundancy, you wouldn't be in the pool. The company (within reason) can use any scoring system they like - as long as it is applied equally across all those at risk of redundancy. The scoring system chosen will inevitably be the one that gives the result the company wants - that's why they choose it over alternative scoring systems.

You would do well to accept you're at high risk of redundancy - and there's no wonder solution that's going to stop it. A better approach is to accept the situation and prepare for it; if your job (or something like it) is retained, you've only lost a few hours of your own time.

Look at your finances and work out what you can bin - Sky and such like are no longer affordable. And work out with your savings and such benefits as you can get how long your money will last. Your lifestyle may well be about to markedly change.

Start making preparations for job hunting. Get books on how to write the ideal CV, answer interview questions, etc, and brush up on your knowledge. Update your CV and start thinking about rival companies that might be interested in you. Also update your LinkedIn profile - that's how my last job came to me. Getting a new job is often about persistence.

Start thinking about career sidesteps and career changes. I spent 30 years working in metallurgy. When I was made redundant 16 or 17 years ago, I realised that was a shrinking job market that might not last me to redundant. So I became a technical author. Are there other areas of work you are interested in? If so start doing your homework.

But accept that the inevitable is probably going to happen. It's probably cold comfort reading that, but it's best to start being proactive now than just sitting there and waiting for the Sword of Damocles to fall.

Good luck,


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