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Hi all,
Just a quick query, volunteered for redundancy and got it, now questioning my decision. I was wondering if there was a way back in for people like me, I'm 31 years old and served 9 years in the AAC. I'm not too fussy about what regiment I rejoin into (if I can at all). Any info/advice welcome.
Try asking at the Recruiting office. With the next round coming up, I wouldnt hold your breath.
With the very limited amount of Re-joins each year it is very unlikely to happen, if the 203 Special Enlistment was accepted by MCM however then I was expect a massive amount of Redundancy money would have to be re-paid.....those who have had redundancy then tried to get in to the MPGS found this out. All you can do is ask the question.
I did hear that the redundancy money would have to be paid back but at a rate of two days pay a month or some such. Not too sure on that, that's my next line of enquiry after the feasibility of getting back in has been established!
Or join the TA and volunteer for an op tour
As already said, find a pinch point trade. Look at Ammo Tech. But don't hold your breath.
What about looking at FTRS - the pension abatement may be a problem, but as it is different TACOS maybe you get to keep the redundancy cash?
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