Redundancy package

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by to_be_disbanded, Aug 4, 2005.

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  1. In the near future my Bn is to be disbanded.

    I will have completed just under 11 years and hold the rank of lance corporal in an infantry regiment.

    Any ideas as to what my redundancy package would be??
  2. Journo alert
  3. Don't insult me. I have been insulted enough don't you think?
  4. I agree. However, if you are genuine go along to your RAO who should be able to do you a forecast from Unicom.

  5. Nope. It's now "unavailable" on UNICOM to those with access....
  6. Who told you that you were being made redundant? JUst because your unit is being disbanded doesn't mean that you will lose your job. You certainly won't be told about it at this early stage.

    Mind you, a LCpl with 11 yrs in? might want to get your ticket in for voluntary redundancy........I don't think anyone will hold you back.
  7. If you are genuine you should be able to get access to the APC site on DII at:
  8. Biscuits dont knock me. My take home is over £2000 on a 31 day month. I don't need rank.

    You're obviously very naive to the rest of the forces, and you don't read the news.
  9. And even if all of that were might find that you will be SNLR'd beforehand. Which given your currently advertised position, would be quite acceptable.

    Like I said, just because your unit is disbanding, doesn't mern that it'll be jolly handouts all round.

    You may wish to seriously consider your future. It hasn't exactly been 'rosy' in the mob now, has it?

    11yrs to Lance Jack?
  10. Biscuits.

    There are facts about myself,and the future, and official information which we have been given, but i dont wish to post it on here.

    So please. Stop your spam posts, give me a bit of respect, and let me get on with sorting out my life. Thankyou.
  11. Now it seems to me that there is a general theme on this site. We are all nice have a laugh people. No one slags off anone else (too badly) unless you come on here with the attitude of a cnut. If you come on here and slate everybody else who are just seeing if you are genuine and looking after the good of the site by making sure you arn't a journo swiping for ammo, then you will recieve answers that arn't quite what you were looking for.

    please and thankyou would be a start!

    theer must be really good reasons why 11 years in your still a lance jack, but quite honestly I don't care. I thnk the answers to your problem are good ones and the rest your managed to bring upon yourself in a short space of bad attitude
  12. I have a good sense of humour, however put yourself in my position? I'm sure if it was your future, you'd be serious about it too.

    I asked for information on redundancies, not a career analysis. If you can't help, don't comment. I've got enough on my plate at the minute. Understand that please.....
  13. And you certainly do need to sort your life out, if your track record is anything to go by.

    So, you have been told that you are to be made redundant have you? You have the documentation in front of you then? If so, why not go through the official chain?

    Sounds to me that you are expecting to get the 'heave ho'........and that you've been expecting it for some time.

    Give you some respect...........LOL. Yeah, OK.
  14. If you're really serious go and see your admin office. So what if its unavilable on UNICOM they will have paperwork to back it all up, so they can give out the information to whingers like you.

    11 yrs you say???? Not bad......

    I hear promotion is faster in McDonalds. You just got to say.......

    "You want fries with that sir?" Easy!!!!
  15. It is the fact that through no fault of their own soldiers can and will be, regardless of their competence, passed over for promotion. What this leads to is a skills base at a lower level which is far in advance of what you would have if everyone was promoted as they deserved to be. so what's the point in high-lighting an 11 yr Lcpl?

    If you are going to be made Redundant you will be notified next year. Not in the press. You will not be MCPd, SNLR ect. so wait out.