Redundancy Package

I am not sure we have got this right. The Infantry is losing three regiments, approximately 150 officers all up. However, they are making 140 officers with Regular Commissions redundant and in my regiment alone 3 officers have been told they will not get extended on the Short Service Commission in the next 3 years and 2 have been told they will not get Intermediate Regular Commissions.

Having buggered up the officers, the same plans will be introduced for soldiers in 2006. I doubt we will get that right either.

The long and short of it - we are trimming the candle at both ends, and in 4 years time will find a rapid shortage of infantry officers, most of whom are head and shoulders above most other capbadges in the Army!

Seems like a biit of a cluster. They are certainly not trimming the side of the hierarchy triangle, instead thay are simple chopping out some of the heartwood.

Still, at least we can rest assured that this hasn't been done on the basis of minimising cost!!!!!!!

Further, just listen to the stories of 'hard' MS (getting job 16 on your PPP) which are everywhere and the fact that the beige list this year appeared to penalise those on their 3rd+ looks (more hard MS).

But look on the bright side, it's not all doom and gloom, after all we are getting a shed-load of Eurofighters.....

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