Redundancy looming, what next??????

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by essexbob, Oct 6, 2005.

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  1. I have been informed that my position is now informally at risk,it has been semi-informal for about 2 yrs.
    redundancy should take place between April and Oct 06.

    My options are:

    A ,sit back til then take the beer vouchers then look for another position

    B, go now as soon as another job comes up

    C,stay and do all i can to feck off the so call senior management in this p*ss poor organisation

    I favour Option C, but OC Domestic Goddess has come up with Option D:

    keep my nose clean, head down and try to save my position.

    Advice please
  2. Go and crap on the bosses desk and tell him where to shove his job, after taking the redundency money early of course.

  3. Sleep with your boss therefore making yourself so critical to the company that you will never have to long as you continue having afternoon sessions across his/ her desk.
  4. Sit back, do what you do daily and wait for the money. Do not go anywhere until then. There's plenty of jobs around (dependant upon what you do that is), and you'll find something. But you may not have any mortgage worries when it happens.

    Sit tight mate. Find out what you're going to be worth, start looking around now to see what appeals to you and look forward (if they give you enough), to having a good wedge in the bank. After that, it doesn't really matter what you do. Most of your mortgage will be paid. If your keen, get yourself another qual before you leave.

    Don't be daft and go now. You'll save them a load of dosh if you do and you'll stil be looking for a job.

    Don't fack them about as they'll be looking to get rid of people without making them redundant and you'll be sacked and still looking for a job.

    Money mate. Sit back in the knowledge that it's on it's way. That'll keep her indoors schtum for a while as well.
  5. Keep your nose clean and make sure you leave on good terms complete with redundancy lolly.

    Employers look well on blokes made redundant as long as they come with good references.....
  6. + your current boss is obliged to let you use his computers / internet help you find a new job.

    be constructive and new employers will look favourably on a wanker, and they'll hear about it on the grapevine and give you a wide berth
  7. Royal Mail is looking to make some reduncancies soon , even if it is not officially annouced , it is however is on the cards, due to the Full Postal deregulation on Jan 1st 2006 , TNT, Deutche Post and Tom,Dick and Harry can apply for a licence to deliver.

    so i am going to wait out and see what Voluntary reduncancy package they come up with.
    last time i enquired i am worth £12,400 5 years ago.
    so what i wil be worth now ? mortgage paid off for sure. then take any old job without worrying about my mortage :)

    so take my advice wait out and negotiate a good package.

    Voluntary reduncancy usually pays out more than compulsory Reduncancy
  8. Semper......what happened to my birthday cards?
  9. here you are mate , Happy Birthday :)

  10. There was meant to be £20 in that envelope.
  11. bugger the post office must have robbed it :D