Redundancy lance jacks

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by 15year L/Bdr, May 6, 2012.

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  1. I'm on the redundancy list(hoping to get it btw)and am just wondering if anyone knows how many I'm up against ie does anyone know how many 12year and over lbdrs there are in the artillery?
    i have applied but if there is 300 of us in the bracket there is not much chance if me getting it
    many thanks for any replys
  2. It depends on all sorts of things to be honest - but the fact you want to go will stand you in good stead I suspect. It's a pretty good deal and, from a certain perspective, it makes more sense to go now in the early tranches than later on when you're pension is 'smoothed' and all the volunteers have gone. The later tranches will not come with such appealing T&C.

    I am away from the office but I will dig out the info you're after and PM it? From memory, there are several hundred in the frame - and I believe (again, from memory) that the Army requires around 10%.

    I'll get back to you.
  3. That would be great thank you,I would love to be able to contact Glasgow and find out if the bracket I'm in has an excess of volunteers
    once again thanks for your reply
  4. If you've volunteered you stand a good chance.

    You'll find out on June 12th.

    LAIT, I thought the tranches all had the same T&C. And the change in pensions is only due in 2015 (hence the name of the new pension scheme AFPS 15), by which time...
    Jan 2013 (notification of Tranche 3 liabilities),
    June 2013 (notifiction of tranche 3 redundees),
    Dec 2013 (volunteer tranche 3 redundees go NLT),
    Jan 2014 (notification of Tranche 4 liabilities),
    June 2014 (notification of tranche 4 redundees and non-volunteer redundees from tranche 3 to go NLT),
    Dec 2014 (volunteer tranche 4 redundees go NLT),
    June 2015 (non volunteer tranche 4 redundees go NLT).

    Technically, non volunteer Tranche 4 redundees will get caught up in the new pension scheme, but you could ask to be discharged on 31 Mar 2015. The June date is the NLT date.

    Likewise, is it worth putting someone on to the new pension scheme for 2 and a bit months? All previous accrual of pensiosn remains extant.
  5. There used to be loads when I was in mate but that was before all the PC crap get the better of the army. Glad i left at the 12 year point.