Redundancy and Potentially Being Kicked Out Advice

Hi there,

My friend has been made forced redundancy in the latest tranche which he did not volunteer for. He will be out the Army officially by June. The problem lies with his fitness and our OC. He has struggled to pass a PFA for a long time, and is on his second 3 month warning order. The OC has told him: 'Pass your PFA or you will suddenly be out sooner than you think without your money.'

Can the OC kick him out although he is on forced redundancy?
Well hi there,

Tell your "friend" (snigger) to give his head a wobble and pass a PFA, it's not exactly hard.
In answer to your question yes. And if you dont think the Army would not jump at the chance to save a few £k, think again. And if thats Chezza, tell him to pull his fingers out and pass it as he is lucky that he had not been canned before the cheese eating wobbler.
So the question is , if your friend is not up to his job , should he be allowed to remain in it so as he isn't inconvenienced? What do YOU think the answer should be?
Well, no, he can not pass a PFA. He passes everything else without a problem. He has just lost his job, has no home, no family to go to and is worried about all the uncertainty for the future. His last worry is passing a PFA in 10:30.

Definitely realized there is no sympathy within the forces community for those with all these worries and potentially leaving with nothing
Definitely realized there is no sympathy within the forces community for those with all these worries and potentially leaving with nothing
There's heaps of sympathy & even the potential for significant aid to those that have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own.

Belt feeding Ginsters, kebabs & pizzas in to one's maw rather than going for 2-3 steady state runs a week in order to keep off the OC's shitlist however...
If you are on your second 3 month warning then you have had some time to resolve your fitness issues, or make arrangements for your imminent arrival in civvy street.
If your target is 10.30 on your run then you are in the younger age group, how have you become so fat and unfit in such a short time?
The thing is, if he'd bothered to stay fit in the first place he wouldn't have been on a 3 month bender, which wouldn't have bumped down his SJAR, which may well have influenced his involuntary redundancy.

Even if he wasn't selected for redundancy he'd be in the same position. If his career wasn't sufficient motivation to meet the minimum expected standard, hopefully the redundancy pay out will be.
Ever thought that had he been able to pass his PFA (a basic minimum requirement) he may well have been promoted in the past. He would not be a bottom third oxygen thief and therefore would not be facing joblessness, homelessness and familinessness (although I struggle to see the connection between redundancy and loss of family). We all make choices in life, his was pies and now he is reaping the reward ^~
Tell him to save money by eating healthy foods, not the one delivered by dominos, this will make him feel happier and less down, then he may look forward to having a payout and money to help him settle.

Other than that you may let him sleep in your shed (ur good mates) or come to the QM's on leaving the Army and he can have a free Cardboard box.

...its u isnt it !

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