Reductions in MoD Plod

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by Charm_City, Dec 17, 2011.

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  1. Shame really, the MoD Police are very useful... being one of only two service routinely armed. And of course popping over to Afghanistan to train the Police there.
  2. About time we had rid of those freeloaders, as for training the ANP !! They turn up on double the wage and refuse to leave camp (Cause it's nasty outside the wire), why should the taxpayer have to pay £30k+ a year for some twat to stand on a barrier at MOD sites when we now have the MPGS. Good ridence to em !!!!

    Merry Christmas Brethren !!!
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  3. More bollocks about "doing more with less".
  4. I wonder how todays soldier is going to cope with getting pinged for guard duty all the time? Because I reckon that's what's going to happen again.

    Back in the day the only two good thing to look forward to was the scran box sent up from the galley, (scoff...cookhouse) and spending all night making egg banjos or bacon sarnies. The other good thing was weekend guard duty was always "sellable" if you needed the money because you were saving up for a car or a holiday you'd always find someone who wanted to pay money for you to cover their weekend guard duty.

    What with civvys running the galley and squaddies getting a decent pay packet I wonder how it'll pan out this time around.
  5. Wrong thread ... post deleted .
  6. chatting to a mod plod sgt last night,seems to think that a plan to merge CNC and MDP could well be on the cards,i hate to say it but if it's all about saving money for the the mod the cheapest option is just to ping the troops for stag all the time plus as you all know it's character building!
  7. How many of today's singlies have the skills required to avoid a short order dicking for guard because some pad has a conveniently urgent domestic problem that precludes him stagging on?
  8. Someone upset you have they? ;-)
  9. Would you sooner they refuse to abide by lawful orders not to leave the wire?

    I happen to know a bloke quite well who has done this role in Iraq and they were strictly forbidden from going out on the ground in all but exceptional circumstances, much to their displeasure. Still they fought tooth and nail and came up with some ridiculous excuses to leave the wire and whilst they were out visit police stations all over Basrah city.

    Then again I did once get stopped by a MOD Plod and put through a drink drive procedure whilst he spoke to me like shit so **** em all.

  10. Um, how many MOD plod stag on then?

    Ive been in Tidworth for 3 years now and despite having a Station there the only time Ive seen them is when the fecking huge one (honestly he looks like Grossburger from Stir Crazy) drives by in a truck. I swear I can see him getting out of breath just changing gear.

    So, how's it going to affect the lads on the gate?
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  11. This is hardly unexpected, I believe on the DII homepage the MPGS are advertising a huge recruitment drive,

    As for the MDPGA & CNC merging, which has been debated for a while, so possibly Weathersfield becoming a central HQ still?

    The ecomonomics doesn't bode well for the MDPGA at all..
  12. Had them at a unit. Moaned like **** when told to get out on the gate as the MGS were short one day every excuse not to go out. We ended up stagging on instead. Not saying every section is like that but these were idle with a capital I
  13. To be honest, you don't expect to train and pay someone as a copper, just for them to stag on the gate, any more than you would expect RMP to stag on the gate. What you do expect them to do is exercise law enforcement powers on MoD property - something which MPGS and MGS aren't capable of doing.
  14. Stop being sensible.
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