Reduction in X factor for useless fat cnuts

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Joe_Squad, Jun 22, 2007.

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  1. Yes remove it, useless cnuts

  2. No let them chill out in Blighty on the same wage

  3. Shoot the fcukers ;-)

  1. Was having a 'heated' debate the other day and this loomed its head. In the present climate of continuous Op Tours, what do you think of the suggestion. Should unfit to deploy personnel have their wages reduced, ie remove X factor? After all the X factor is apparently added due to the risky and extreme nature of our Jobs. If you are a fat useless cnut who cant pass a PFT or CFT and can't deploy, should it be removed?
  2. This argument has been done to death. As usual, you havent considered the unfortunate people who may not be able to deploy due to being injured on a previouse deployment. Should they have their wages docked because of that?

    What if they develop a degenerative illness through no fault of their own. Going to dock their wages too?
  3. Get your point mate, but I reckon if their scoffing pies and drinking wobbly back in Germany/UK on rear party then they wont get their Operational Bonus. I think thats a fair way of looking at it, as theres always blokes on rear party who want to be at the front but cant through, injuries, courses, postings etc, Is it fair to make them suffer aswell by putting them in the same catagory as the fat lazy tour dodging wasters
  4. Too complicated I'm afraid and in any case it would ruin the RAF.
  5. How do you know i haven't considered it? You could get a job on telly with psychic skills like yours fella.
  6. It might have been better if you had added it to your original post.

    Trolling cnut.
  7. Ok then, injuries and degenrative illness being the exceptions (as these are unavoidable). If they are just fcukin lazy would it not be an incentive for them to pass their PFT/CFT, the fact that if they didn't then they would lose money?
  8. Who the fcuk are you to call me a troll knobend? Its a genuine question.
  9. Wouldn’t it be better to discharge someone like that?
  10. Sigh...Look at your original post. Somewhat inflammatory don't you think. Perhaps if you had started with the words "Apart from people with injuries and degenerative illness's".

    Just a thought.
  11. Well its an option i suppose, but wouldn't it be better to shoot them. Then we get the benefit of being able to conduct moving target ranges (although slow moving targets) and also conduct ballistic tests on the effects of a burst of 5.56/7.62/.50
  12. its the fcukin NAAFI bar mate, its meant to be inflammatory........... If i'd wanted to put the question to the PC brigade i'd have posted it in the Current Affairs section.
  13. their unit is to blame as there should be a robust PT programme in place, I have to work hard to pass my PFT (Run part) but if it wasnt for the fact that my Regiment has a good PT programme I might not pass. I am just a shite runner.
  14. Therein lies the answer mate. YOU have to work hard to pass. People should have the presence of mind to keep themselves fit. If the Regiment hasn't installed a PT programme then its up to the individual to train.
  15. The point is with 3 kids its a bit hard to find time to train in my spare time, (I put aside 3 hrs a week) , but with 3 hrs PT added it makes 6 hours which makes all the difference, If I just had the 3 hours in my spare time I would really struggle. And God am I pi$$ed off with tofu