Reduction in TA MATTS

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by hushpuppy7, Jul 22, 2009.

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  1. Just received this from my PSI, so looks as if the rumours were (for once) correct.

    1. With immediate effect the MATTs level for TA has been reduced from Level 2 to Level 3. This means that to qualify for bounty you are now required to complete the following annual tests.
    a. MATT 1 (Shooting) - 1 x Weapon Handling Test (WHT).
    b. MATT 2 (Fitness) - 2 x PFT.
    c. MATT 3 (BCD) - 1 x BCD.
    d. MATT 6 (V&S) - All.
    e. MATT 7 (Op Law) - LOAC only.

  2. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Old news by at least 1 month. They weren't rumours, just statements of fact. But thanks anyway.
  3. My unit is training for MATT's at Level 2 .Is this reduction TA wide or is it upto a unit to decide whether to drop to Level 3?Our over 50's were recently informed that they were not to attempt a CFT/PFT and instead do 2xPFT's.
  4. 2 pft? my lot got told 1, and thats if they have any days left to attend
  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    The minimum for bounty is level 3. The chain of command can chose to train beyond that to whatever level they deem relevant.

    Your unit has obviously only just read the MATTs folder where it clearly states the upper age limits for the CFT as well!
  6. your over 50's would probably all pull out a biff chit like most of ours do anyway

    useless f**kers

    they should get half a bounty for half the effort, and rumours ive heard all will anyway due to not everyone doing all matts
  7. Yep MINIMUM requirement, not maximum, units are free to still carry out matts training to what ever level they see fit, however the minimum standard has been temporarily lowered. I'm still expecting it to be back up before the end of the bounty year.
  8. Looks like a good time to join :D
  9. The trouble is, how long before a reduction in Matts is followed by a reduction in bounty!
  10. msr

    msr LE

    Why should it? Do the regulars who only require a level 3 MATT pass get a reduced salary?
  11. It will probably change when someone in at Chilwell works out that the IR's will need more training to meet Level 1 for OP's. Longer call ups and more build training.
  12. 2 years before deployment your unit will rise to level 2 and 1 year before deployment your unit will rise to level 1, or so i'm told
  13. One Army - Regular and barely TrAined.

    Less work for the same amount of money? It could only happen in the public sector. Cut the bonus to reflect their lowered utility.
  14. Who the **** are you to slag of all over 50's. Many over 50's in the TA are still providing an important service to the overall operational capability of the land army, medical proffesionals to name but one proffesion. Many people remain in the TA to fill posts within stores, admin etc to enable the younger members to fulfill their training commitments at weekends. Remember these 50 pluses may have spent the last 30yrs being there, seeing it an doing it. Get some Fuckin slipstream nig. And no i am not 50+.

  15. not saying all the pver 50's are useless, your right there are some good ones out there who do help and train the younger generation, but there are also the ones im talking about (mainly based in grantham) who will use and abuse the big chit, they are suitable to fulfil the role they are supposed to playing - an army reserve to be deployed as and when needed. they struggle to get out of bed and the fastest they move is when the cookhouse opens or they get there nice little paycheck for their bounty for doing fek all work!
    as for being in, they are blocking promotion places for the new, younger and smarter soldiers