Reduction in parade nights

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Banshee_09, Apr 10, 2007.

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  1. hi all,

    duty rumour at the minute is saying our company is going to run a trial of parading one night per week with the cadets and one night with just the staff in order to do admin!

    although i admit my admin could be a lot better than it is, i don't see the point of having the cadets training time cut, seeing as most of my cadets would parade 5 times a week if they could.

    thoughts please.

  2. The last unit i worked with only paraded 1 night a week because we were low in numbers but we were just loosing cadets.

    Once we went back up to 2 nights a week we started to see our numbers go up again.
  3. the thing is though, we're not short on numbers, it just seems that someone somewhere wants a reduction in parade nights, the other dc's i've spoken to don't like the idea so i can only assume it's come from the top somewhere
  4. Is it to save on electricity bills like my old county did? :D

    The powers that be..........Barking.
  5. suits_u

    more than likely knowing my lot :D
  6. Seems like a crap idea to me I always do my admin on different nights or at home so I dont get disturbed.

    Could be the money saving idea for the electricity like suits u said !!!

    Our cadtes would turn up every night if we let them
  7. Never put anything past them.
    Is it a permanent thing?
    It could be so that units are all up to speed with the admin side of things and then HQ type can drop into units making sure all is well,
    Or would that make too much sense? :D
    Do you have your annual inspections any time in the next few months? This may be a reason.
    Another reason may well be that simply the CAA's have had enough of dodgy paperwork being sumbmitted/not completed and decided it is time to do something about it.

    Cadets, its not a hobby, its a virus that first attacks your social life, quickly moves onto your personal life and then attacks the nervous and mental systems.
  8. yeah our annual inspections are due this month, and yes the CAA's are getting a bit peed off with late returns etc.

    but i still don't see the need in knocking the parade nights down, just have a word with the dc's and tell them (myself included) to sort it out.
    although i hasten to add, 90% of our paperwork goes up the chain well in time, only to get lost in the paperwork black hole which is our CHQ admin office :D
  9. I havent heard anything at my unit but then againa i'm new. I'll ask if theyve heard anything of this rumour and in the words of the beatles, Get back (groan)
  10. spicegirl

    i don't think it's a nationwide thing, it just seems to be a certain northwest county at the min
  11. I'll ask anyway
  12. Ah the pigeon hole thats appears to be bottomless :D

    Might just be the fact that this way it wont disrupt your lives too much.
    You can crack on as normal and you wont find yourself down there at the weekend/daytime.
    It is a shame that the cadets wil lose out, but then again it is just a 'duty rumour'
  13. duty rumour from a reliable source :D
  14. Is it not due to a lack of instructors forcing detachments to parade 1 night a week?
    I have seen this happen before and the detachment does suffer, the cadets get cheesed off with training taking twice as many weeks as would normally take,
    This is ok for a short term fix, i tried this due to instructor levels being too low and having massive numbers, i paraded recruits and 1 stars on a monday and 2/3 stars on a thursday, for the above reasons i changed it back as a was shedding cadets left right and centre.
    Not exactly a winnable situation but hey no one said its easy.

    A very tired
  15. Cutting down to 1 night a week? NO NO NO! It's bad and the kids'll get hacked off with it. While admin is important the powers that be have obviously lost touch with what we are about if they think that's a good idea.