Reduction in numbers marching at the Cenotaph?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by exile1, Aug 5, 2008.

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  1. Saw the paragraph below on another site.

    Quote "Cenotaph Parade Sunday November 9th 2008
    Due to the reduction of road width in Whitehall, the Association has only been allocated 36 tickets for this years Cenotaph Parade. (Down from 40)." Unquote
    [Carers are included in this allocation apparently]

    Why not increase the 'length over width?

  2. Because Cyclops and co have been reading this site and are really bricking it incase we carry out the coup that we have been planning hence the reduction in numbers
  3. can i get the bandwagon going? please its my first one! :D
  4. I'm afraid the bandwagon is still out dealing with cyclists, and I'm fairly sure it needs another service soon.
  5. In reality, there are some serious works going on in whitehall this year for "security" purposes - basically putting lots of barriers in down the whole street. its been going on for ages and won't be done by the time November rolls around. Sadly no conspiracy here - stand down the bandwagon?
  6. Hell no, since when has reason and logic been allowed to interfere with the progress of the bandwagon?
  7. Time? I.e. if the march-past column is longer it takes that much more time to pass a given point. At a certain point I imagine that starts to cause problems.

    Whatever the answer I hope they tidy up Whitehall for the day - it's currently a tip.

  8. I really wish you would approve my business case for a "white bandwagon PFI fleet". It would enable us to cope with "surge" and reduce the cost of running green bandwagons...